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Are Eggs Good For Multiple Sclerosis & What Is Good?

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes demyelination of the nerves. Myelin is the fat covering the nerve that protects it from damage and ensures easy and proper transmission of signals from the brain to the body parts. When the myelin is damaged, there is hampered flow of signals through the nerves and this causes improper functioning of the body.

The cause of multiple sclerosis is not yet found, but there are various risk factors that can lead to multiple sclerosis. Some of the risk factors are: people living in temperate zones who have family history of multiple sclerosis, women are twice at risk than men.

Are Eggs Good For Multiple Sclerosis & What Is Good?

Are Eggs Good For Multiple Sclerosis?

In multiple sclerosis, the patient suffers from a syndrome that is called as leaky gut syndrome. In this syndrome, the patient’s gut or gastrointestinal tract becomes porous and this leads to leaking of undigested proteins directly into the blood stream. If this leaked protein is similar to the protein that is present in the myelin, the immune system does not recognize the difference and leads to production of more antibodies. And these antibodies then attack myelin leading to more and more damage to it. Due to this reason, proteins that resemble the myelin structure are totally avoided for the patients with multiple sclerosis.(1)

Eggs– it recommended that the eggs must be taken in moderation and not in excess. Eggs do not cause any danger to the patients with multiple sclerosis if taken within limits. But in case the patient has allergy to eggs, then they must be strictly cut out for such patients.

Along with eggs other food items that should be avoided are refined sugar, gluten and milk too.

Along with avoiding these food products, you must also consume vitamins and minerals to keep the disease under control and stay healthy.

Probiotics are also necessary for people with multiple sclerosis. Probiotics are the products that help to grow the natural flora present in the gut. When the gut flora is present in proper amounts, the immune system of the body also works properly and becomes strong. Probiotics are available as supplements and are also present in fermented food items like yogurt.

Among the vitamins, vitamin D3 that is also called as cholecalciferol, is the best vitamin for patients with multiple sclerosis. Before starting the vitamin D3 therapy, the levels of this vitamin in the body must be tested first to check the amount of deficiency and the doses must be adjusted accordingly.

What Is Good For People With Multiple Sclerosis?

Some more food items which are helpful for people with multiple sclerosis:

  • Prebiotics, these are the food substances that help in the nourishment of probiotic bacteria. These also help in filling up the gastrointestinal system with all the good bacteria. The main foods, which act as good prebiotics, are fiber containing food items.
  • The food items that contain good amount of prebiotics are- garlic, asparagus, onions, chicory, etc. and every day at least six to seven grams of these must be consumed.
    Calcium is also recommended for people with multiple sclerosis. 800 to 1200 mg or calcium must be consumed per day. If the patient has osteoporosis, then even more amounts must be consumed.
  • Magnesium is also a good supplement for patients with MS. The calcium to magnesium ratio must be 2:1. So if you consume 1000 mg of calcium then you must take at least 500 mg of magnesium every day.
  • Other vitamins and minerals that are helpful are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin B12, copper, manganese, zinc, etc.
  • Omega 3 fish oil is also very beneficial for people with multiple sclerosis.

All of these food items do not cure multiple sclerosis, but they surely help in slowing the progress of the disease and maintaining good health of the patient.


Many studies and researches have been conducted to find out about the food products that are beneficial or harmful for people with multiple sclerosis and according to those studies nowhere it has been found that eggs are harmful for the patients with multiple sclerosis. But the key is proper and moderate quantity of eggs. More eggs must not be consumed because it can cause various side effects by boosting the immune system due to the protein present in it.


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