Are Saltwater Flushes Effective? What Are Their Benefits of Saltwater Flushes?

What are Saltwater Flushes?

Saltwater flushes are commonly used and are effective for treating constipation, bloating and also to detoxify the colon while undergoing a cleansing program or even a juice fast. For undertaking a saltwater flush, you will have to drink a mixture of lukewarm water and non-iodized salt. The reason behind this is that drinking salt mixed with warm water has a laxative effect on the body causing an urgent bowel movement. This is not to say that the bowel movement happens immediately. It takes anywhere from half-an-hour to an hour for the bowel movement to happen, though in some cases, it may take a longer time.

Supporters of saltwater flushes claim that these flushes help in removing toxins from the body along with waste material that may be accumulating in the colon, and also flushes out any parasites that may be present inside the colon. However, before you begin a saltwater flush, there are certain things that have to be considered.

How Do You Do A Saltwater Flush?

How Do You Do A Saltwater Flush?

The standard procedure for doing a saltwater flush includes the following:

Mix two teaspoons of sea non-iodized sea salt (if you use Pink Himalayan salt it will be even better) in about four cups of lukewarm water. You can add lemon juice to get a better taste. Proceed to drink the saltwater mixture as quickly as you can. This has to be done on an empty stomach.

Which Time Is Best For Doing A Saltwater Flush?

As it is done on an empty stomach, a saltwater flush should ideally be done first thing in the morning after you wake up or it can also be done in the evening, but there has to be a gap of a couple of hours between your last meal. After drinking the mixture, you will feel the urge to have a bowel movement shortly afterward or within an hour. It is recommended that you stay at home and don’t indulge in any exercising for a couple of hours after having the saltwater as it is likely that you will experience multiple and urgent bowel movements.

How Effective are Saltwater Flushes? Does Scientific Research Validate The Benefits Of Saltwater Flushes?

In most cases, a saltwater flush will be effective in cleansing the colon in the short-term. However, there is no scientific evidence to show that a saltwater flush detoxifies the body by removing the waste build-up. There is also no evidence to show that these flushes remove any parasites from the digestive tract either. While the internet is full of stories about how well saltwater flushes work, there is no actual evidence to determine what the actual success rate is for saltwater flushes. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2010 showed that by doing specific yoga poses and alternating this with drinking warm saltwater was effective in cleansing the bowel before a colonoscopy. However, there is no evidence to show if only drinking warm saltwater alone will provide the same results.

Who Should Undergo A Saltwater Flush?

While there are no hard and fast medical guidelines that prescribe who is an ideal candidate for a saltwater flush, supporters of this detoxification procedure promote this process for those who tend to suffer from constipation or people who have irregular bowel movements. A saltwater flush may also be recommended as a part of some other detox diet or even a juice fast.

What are the Benefits of Saltwater Flushes?

Saltwater is known to have several benefits, such as helping in sore throats, lowering the pain of inflamed muscles, cleansing and disinfecting wounds, etc. Sea salt is also known to have an effect on nerve and muscle functions. Salt helps contract muscles of the digestive tract, which is what pushes out the waste through the colon. This also supposedly forces out the toxins trapped inside the system, giving rise to constipation and sluggishness.

Some of the benefits of doing a saltwater flush include:

Saltwater Flush is Beneficial in Deep Cleansing the Colon

Saltwater flushes are designed to cleanse the digestive tract and your colon by stimulating a forced bowel movement. It is not necessary to flush out the system, but it is a good idea to flush out the digestive system periodically as it not only cleanses, but also detoxifies the colon and digestive tracts. This is particularly required for people who have poor eating habits. This is because if you have poor eating habits, over a period of time, heavy metals and waste build up in the stomach. This waste does not leave the body through your everyday bowel movements. The accumulation of this waste may cause inflammation, make you feel sluggish, and may eventually cause some disease to develop. So many people suffer from constipation, and a simple saltwater flush can be an effective cure for this problem.

For Digestion Problems

Digestion problems, such as bloating, constipation, and gas benefit with saltwater flushes. Saltwater flushes help to effectively treat problems associated with the digestive tract such as constipation, gas, and bloating. The plus side to this is that saltwater flushes do not have any side effects unlike laxative pills or other cleansing pills available on the market. These pills or laxative teas end up building an unhealthy dependence on such products. Saltwater flushes also do not cause any electrolyte imbalance, water retention or lead to a decreased appetite afterward.

Helps Treat A Sore Throat

Apart from detoxifying the body and flushing out the colon, saltwater flush is also used to treat sore throats. When your throat becomes inflamed and you are unable to swallow, sea saltwater flushes help in reducing the inflammation, thus providing relief and benefit in sore throat.

Saltwater Flushes Help Heal Muscle Pain

Saltwater flushes benefit by lowering the inflammation in muscles that cause pain. These flushes also relax the muscles in your body and help calm nerves. Saltwater flushes also slow down the nervous system, relaxing your body and putting it in a peaceful state.

Helps Balance The pH Levels Of Your System

Saltwater flushes helps balance out the pH levels as well as the body’s hormone levels. If hormone levels are out of balance, then you can suffer from many health problems. The same applies for pH imbalances as well. Saltwater flushes benefit by keeping both these in balance.

Prevents Acid Reflux

Saltwater flushes help eliminate the risk of acid reflux by lowering the acid levels in your stomach.

Weight Loss Benefits of Saltwater Flushes

If you are overweight, then saltwater flushes can help balance metabolism functions and help you lose weight. A Saltwater flush can also help you gain weight if you are underweight and want to put on some pounds. Saltwater flushes work both ways because saltwater flushes balances out the function of your metabolism, helping you to either lose weight or gain weight.

Saltwater Flush is Beneficial in Getting Rid of Body Odor

While this benefit of Saltwater Flushes still remains unproven, theoretically many people who practice saltwater flushes regularly report a reduction in body odor and bad breath as well. Since saltwater flushes remove toxins from the body, it can be assumed that once these toxins are removed, it stops perspiration, resulting in a reduction in body odor and bad breath.

Improves Respiratory Functions

Saltwater flushes help open up your sinuses as they act as a natural antihistamine, thus reducing allergy symptoms and helping provide relief in the common cold and sinus infections. Saltwater flushes may help in other respiratory conditions as well.

Are Saltwater Flushes Always Effective or Beneficial?

It is very much possible that you flush your colon and digestive tract with saltwater, but you perceive no actual benefits. This can be because you did not do the flush properly. It is important to pick the correct time of the day to perform the saltwater flush and it has to be done on an empty stomach. If saltwater flushes are performed at the wrong time of the day, then the flush will be useless.

Another factor to consider is the type of salt used in the flush. If you accidentally use iodized salt rather than non-iodized salt, the saltwater flush will not work. Non-iodized salt absorbs in a different manner as compared to iodized salt. You also have to use the exact amount of salt in the flush. Too little or too much salt will not give you the desired results. You should also use pure and iodized sea salt for the flush. By using the right amount and the right type of salt, the salt will get absorbed properly and the flush will give you the proper benefits you are aiming for.

If you see a cloudy mixture in the glass once you mix the salt with warm water, this is not the right texture. If you mix the salt properly, then you will observe that there are no salt granules visible in the glass. In this perfect blend, the body will be able to easily absorb the salt, giving you all the benefits of the saltwater flush. The way in which the final saltwater solution looks is important to consider because only when the salt gets completely dissolved in the warm water will the digestive organs be able to process the salt safely and efficiently. This will also make sure that the salt does not get left behind, because if that happens, the salt can then enter the bloodstream, raising your blood pressure.

Are There Any Side Effects Of A Saltwater Flush?

When you do a saltwater flush for the first time, drinking saltwater on an empty stomach may cause you to feel nauseated or may even cause vomiting. In some cases, it may also cause cramping, dehydration and bloating. You should not practice saltwater flushes daily as this may cause an electrolyte imbalance because of the rapid loss of fluids and sodium. If this happens, it may cause: weakness, confusion, muscle seizures, problems with blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

What Are The Contraindications Of Saltwater Flushes?

You should not do a saltwater flush if you have the following conditions: Heart problems, edema, kidney problems, diabetes, hypertension and gastrointestinal problems such as inflammatory bowel disease or ulcers.


A saltwater flush will induce urgent bowel movements and also cleanse your digestive tract and colon. If you are pregnant or have an underlying medical condition, practicing a saltwater flush once is unlikely to cause any serious damage. Do not practice saltwater flushes regularly. It is also recommended that you consult your doctor first before you try out the saltwater flush/cleanse.

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