Diet for a Pear Shaped Body: Foods to Take and Foods to Avoid

Pear shaped body individuals may have a harder times; especially the women during their menopause. There are chances that you may gain weight pretty easily if you are of pear shape. This is because the fat stored in the hips and thighs is simply magnetic for more fat and thus weight gain becomes pretty easier for pear shaped body individual as compared to any other body type. This is reason why you need to be very careful about the foods you take and also your daily level.

Diet for a Pear Shaped Body

Diet and Pear Shaped Body

People who have Pear shaped body must be very much careful about their diet. It is to be noted that if you have pear shaped then your diet should comprise of low amount of fat and high amount of protein and complex carbohydrates. This can help you burn away any excess fat while providing you the required energy and muscle-building power to lose weight. You can choose whole grain breads, cereals, beans, lentils and lean protein etc. if you have a pear shape body.

Diet for a Pear Shaped Body

It must be noted that the ideal diet for pear shaped body includes:

  • 45% of Complex Carbs
  • 45% of Lean Protein
  • 10% of Healthy fats
  • A diet rich in calcium and extra supplementation.

Foods to Take for Pear Shaped Body:

Here are the foods that you must include in your diet for a pear shaped body:

  1. Include Foods Rich in Calcium:

    You need to remember that if you are pear shaped, then you must add more of a calcium rich diet as there are higher chances of osteoporosis in a pear shaped body type individual.

    Thus, try to add more of calcium rich foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens (Kale, spinach, arugla, Bok choy, Chard), seaweeds(Nori, Kombu, Wakame), turnips, okra, celery, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes etc, calcium rich fruits like oranges, pears, apples etc.

    Apart from this, also add lots of calcium-rich dairy, preferably the low fat dairy products. You can add low fat dry milk which can be added to your smoothies and dressings for a smoother and delicious texture.

    You may also take extra calcium supplements; i.e. 1500 mg daily or 500 mg three times in a day.

    NOTE: Make sure that when you are taking calcium supplements, do not add fiber supplements to your diet which may interfere with calcium absorption in your body and you may not get the amount of calcium you intake.

  2. Include Foods With Healthy Fats in Your Diet for Pear Shaped Body:

    Eat only minimum fat. Stick only to the healthy fats. You can add flaxseed oil for salads, and low-fat dressings, few nuts, salmon, mackerel etc. You can cook your food with a little of coconut oil which boosts your typically low body metabolism.

  3. Add Foods With Complex Carbohydrates in Your Diet For Pear Shaped Body:

    Add complex carbohydrates like dark breads, whole grains, buckwheat, wild or brown rice, oats and oatmeal, all vegetables, legumes and fruits.

  4. Add High Quality Proteins:

    • If you are of Pear shape then eat high quality proteins like skinless chicken or turkey breast, lean beef, fish, free-range eggs, seafoods, yogurt, cottage cheese, fat- free milk, whey protein powder etc.

Foods to Avoid For a Pear Shaped Body:

If you have a Pear shaped body, you must avoid some of the foods mentioned below:

  1. Avoid Refined Carbs and All Animal Fat:

    People with pear shaped body should avoid refined carbs and all animal fat foods like fatty meats, butter, full fat milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, sour cream etc. Also avoid fatty or deep fried foods, mayonnaise etc. if you have a pear shaped body.

  2. Avoid Salty Foods:

    People with pear shaped body should keep away from salty foods like pickles, deli meats, gravies, full fat dressings etc, and also regular table salt. You can use healthier salts like Himalayan pink crystal salt or Celtic sea salt; which can be found in local natural health stores.


It is always essential for you to follow the expert advices by consulting with a dietician or a personal fitness trainer who can guide you not only in your workouts for pear shaped body but also help you know about the best diet for your body type.

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