List of 25 Superfoods for Men

If you’re looking at eating healthier, you need to make wise eating choices. You need to build your diet around the most potent, disease-fighting and muscle-enhancing foods. Here are 25 super foods for men that should make it in your diet.

List of 25 Superfoods for Men


List of 25 Superfoods for Men

Even if your diet includes salads made of ice burg lettuce, cold-pressed juices and bananas, you’re eating healthy-fish—but you can still eat smart. In order to get the six pack abs and three-dimensional arms, you need to check every morsel of food you eat.

Here is the list of 25 superfoods for men to plan your super healthy diet now.

  1. Greek Yogurt

    This thicker, creamier family member of regular yogurt is packed with protein and probiotics. This tops the list of 25 superfoods for men, as it keeps you full, improves digestion, and boosts your immune system. It is also a healthy recipe substitute to cream cheese, and even mayonnaise!

  2. Blueberries

    You can be assured of being safe when you consume these berries. In fact, they are packed with nutrients, fiber, vitamin C, as well as cancer-fighting compounds and hence find a special place in the superfoods for men. There are some studies which also suggest that blueberries improve memory too.

  3. Quinoa

    This grain-like seed is packed with some major nutritional prowess. With a nutty flavor quinoa is one of those grains that provide all nine essential amino acids that your body is unable to produce on its own. It is packed with protein — eight grams per one-cup serving and is sure pick in the list of superfoods for men.

  4. Kale

    This hard-as-a-nut green is packed with nutritional value, providing more antioxidants than most other vegetables and fruits. It also serves as a great source of fiber, iron and calcium. You can prepare it any way you like — from boiled, roasted, stewed and even steamed, but do include it in your list of 25 superfoods for men.

  5. Oatmeal

    Rich in fiber, antioxidants, and a host of other nutrients, this breakfast staple helps in lowering cholesterol, helps in digestion, and even improves metabolism. It also helps that it tastes good and you can flavor it with tasty fruits and dry fruits.

  6. Chia

    An important food in the list of superfoods for men, this seed is packed with nutrients. In fact, they are loaded with some of the most essential fatty acids. One serving of chia contains magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium.

  7. Broccoli

    While most of us might not like broccoli, it is essential for our well-being. It contains vitamins, disease-fighting compounds, minerals and the fiber essential for any diet. Though all cruciferous vegetables are super healthy, broccoli ranks exceptionally high in folate and vitamin C and makes its way to the list of 25 superfoods for men. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.

  8. Green Tea

    Green tea has been used as a natural remedy for heart disease and cancer. The secret to its potency — antioxidants and one of the most popular foods in the list of superfoods for men. The essential ingredient is Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, a phytochemical that slows down cell growth and thereby prevents the growth of some cancers.

  9. Salmon

    Salmon is considered as one of the best superfoods for men and of course, tasty too. This fish is good for the heart and is packed with protein and a good portion of omega-3 fatty acids. Studies suggest that fatty acids can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Salmon may also shield the skin from the sun as well as from the harmful effects of UV rays.

  10. Watermelon

    Watermelons are low in sugar and packed with vitamins A and C. This low-calorie snack is perfect for summer. Some studies suggest that watermelon can lower blood pressure and safeguard against cardiovascular disease. This apart, lycopene present in watermelon can help shield the body from UV rays and cancer. So make sure you have it as a superfood for men.

  11. Strawberries

    Loaded with vitamin C, strawberries are a rock star superfood for men. A cup of strawberries is enough to meet the daily requirement for vitamin C (74 milligrams per day for women, 90 for men). There are studies that suggest that the antioxidant builds and repairs the body’s tissues, improves immunity, and combats excess free radical damage. The vitamin C present in strawberries may also promote healthy eye function.

  12. Pistachios

    These little nuts contain a lot of protein and fiber making it an essential superfood for men. This is usually camouflaged by its flavor and nutty crunch. This apart, pistachios are also naturally cholesterol-free. A one-ounce serving contains as much potassium as a small banana.

  13. Spinach

    Spinach is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, as well as other vitamins that promote vision and bone health. Just a cup of spinach packs up to 12 percent of the recommended daily dose of calcium. It also packs in enough vitamin K to prevent bone loss. This much loved green leady vegetable is one of the best super foods for men.

  14. Almonds

    Almonds are widely regarded as the most nutritionally dense nut and are included in the list of 25 super foods for men. This means that they possess the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie per ounce. For an intake of 191 calories, a one-ounce serving provides 3.4 grams of fiber (that works out to about 14 percent of the daily recommended value) as well as good amounts of potassium, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and iron. You can also eat almond butter and not feel guilty about it.

  15. Eggs

    Eggs are protein rich and one of the all-time favorite superfoods for men. It is also packed with nutrients, thereby earning the superfood status. A single large egg contains about 70 calories and offers six grams of protein. Eggs also provide omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in heart health and normal body function.

  16. Beets

    Beetroot can be termed as an all-star veggie as it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that strengthen vital organs, and help combat disease. The veggie’s purple hue might be the reason why it is so great. There are some studies that suggest betalains, the purple pigments present in beet, helps fight cancer and other degenerative diseases.

  17. Ginger

    With a taste of gentle spice, ginger has many benefits and healing properties. For long, ginger has been used as a delicious flavoring and a natural remedy for upset stomach as well as inflammation. Add it to tea, soups or salads and spice up your dish with this superfood for men.

  18. Beans

    Beans are low in cholesterol and high in protein. They can add a healthy twist to any dish (they can even be used in brownies too!) They are packed with fiber, folate, and magnesium. Studies suggest that legumes (like beans) can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

  19. Pumpkin

    Pumpkins are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. These gourds aren’t just for carving during Halloween. The most beneficial nutrient present in pumpkins is beta-carotene, a provitamin that the body changes into vitamin A. It is known for its immune boosting properties, and plays an important role in eye health too. Easy to cook, this super food for men can help boost your health.

  20. Cranberries

    Cranberries should be used in dishes more often. They have a number of beneficial properties that fight diseases. These bacteria-busting berries help against inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost oral health, and prevent ulcers and yeast infections. They could also prevent the growth of human cancer cells.

  21. Garlic

    It might not leave the best aftertaste, but garlic has been used for centuries now as medicine and food. Garlic can be used to fight against heart disease, heart disease as well as some cancers. This apart, there are studies that suggest that garlic extracts can help treat prostate issues in men. No wonder, it is one of the top superfoods for men!

  22. Apples

    Fiber is good, and apples are loaded with it, and a great low-calorie source. For those who are not in the know, apple intake can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, asthma and diabetes.

  23. Leeks

    Leeks are well-known for their anti-cancer properties, as well as organosulphur compounds. These nutrients can help kick cancer and boost immunity making them stand out in the superfoods for men. Studies suggest leeks could help safeguard the digestive system from gastric and stomach cancers.

  24. Cauliflower

    While cauliflower is packed with a number of beneficial minerals, the main property is the cancer-fighting compounds, referred to as glucosinolates. These phytochemicals may be responsible for the vegetable’s bitter flavor. However, the taste aside, they help prevent damage to the lungs and stomach.

  25. Lentils

    Lentils are easy on the pocket and high in protein, iron and a host of other nutrients. The iron it contains can prevent anemia (a condition that’s especially common among vegetarians and vegans). Lentils are quite low on the glycemic index, too. So, they cause blood sugar to spike less quickly as opposed to other starches. Therefore, you can be assured of your energy lasting longer.

    This list of 25 superfoods for men can be incorporated in various ways into your diet. It does not have to be boring, but can be tweaked according to your taste buds and mood. It will help strip the extra pounds from your body, and will also change the way you look and feel. Find innovative ways to increase the intake of these super foods in your daily diet.

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