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Fruits And Vegetables For A Sharp Mind

Whatever you eat will not only to satisfy your stomach and tongue but also keep your brain working in the proper condition. Colorful fruits and vegetables should be included daily in your diet for a sharp mind. Eating healthy is essential at all ages especially during the growth years and old age when the natural immune system of the body is not so much strong so the body needs supplements from outside. What is better than providing your body with natural supplements obtained from green vegetables and fruits? Let us look at some of the fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind are discussed.

Fruits And Vegetables For A Sharp Mind

Fruits And Vegetables For A Sharp Mind

Correcting your lifestyle and quitting unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking also contribute to a healthy mind and consequently to a healthy body. A healthy mind improves your self-confidence and concentration which can lead you towards a brighter future. A healthy mind brings in stability and sharpens your decision making powers and ability.

Here are the fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind. Have a look at these and try to include these in your daily diet.


Some of the best fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind include blueberries. These contain anti-oxidants that helps reduce stresses and protects the brain from the risks of developing dementia. The free radicals that cause damage to the brain cells are rendered harmless because of the effect of these anti oxidants.[1] Thus blueberries help in developing a healthy mind.


Avocados are popularly known as one of the healthy fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind. It contains monounsaturated fat that contributes to a healthy blood circulation which in turn is responsible for the healthy mind.[2]


Apples are one of the best fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind. As the saying,” an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is true to the nutrition that this fruit provides you. It prevents inflammation of the brain cells that may cause damage to the overall functioning of the mind.[3] The nutrients called catechins present in apples do all the magic in keeping a healthy mind and body.


The flavanoids present in this citrus fruit helps keeping a healthy mind by preventing the oxidation of the free radicals that damage the brain cells.[4] Oranges too are one of the nutritious fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind.


Cabbage contains sulphoraphane carotenoids, both of which are essential for a healthy mind. The antioxidants present together with these nutrients protect the brain from oxidative stress that can seriously damage the brain cells.[5] Hence, cabbage are included in the list of fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind.


The high concentration of nitrites present in beets increases the blood flow to different parts of the brain thereby maintaining a healthy mind. Vitamin B9 and the carotenoids present in beet helps in fighting depression and diseases like dementia.[6]


Ginger helps in boosting up of memory skills and sharpens the brain that may lose its stability due to aging. The anti aging properties of ginger make it a popular food in the list of healthy fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind.[7]


Vitamin K and folate present in cauliflower helps boost the functioning of the brain thus giving you a stable and healthy mind. This vegetable too is considered as one of the healthy foods for a sharp mind.

Pumpkin seeds

The calcium, potassium and magnesium trio along with the iron present in pumpkin seeds provides brain boosting abilities and keeps away diseases like depression and dementia at bay. It also helps in delaying cognitive declination and is hence one of the best fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind.[8]


The vitamin C present in mint helps in sharpening of the mind and helps in the improved functioning of the different parts of the brain.[9] This herb is undoubtedly miraculous food in the fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind.

Doctors always prescribe fruits and green leafy vegetables for a sharp mind. You need to add these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet for getting a healthy mind and body. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are the brain healthy foods that are of utmost importance at all ages. Fruits and vegetables add variety to your taste buds and when you have their varieties, you are sure to get more nutrition. So, go ahead and plan a diet rich in fruits and vegetables for a sharp mind and good health.


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