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Health Facts About Corn Flakes

Corn flakes are processed part of corn and contain corn syrups and other added ingredients. Cornflakes and milk are considered a healthy breakfast option and consumed by many almost every day. They are easily available, quick breakfast option. But how healthy are cornflakes is discussed below.

Corn, sugar, malt flavoring, high fructose corn syrup are some of the ingredients of cornflakes. Most of these ingredients have a high glycemic index which increases the level of sugar in the bloodstream quickly. This leads to release of insulin naturally, decreases the blood sugar level making you feel inactive and lifeless. This makes the brain send an automatic signal to the body to continue eating due to a false sense of starvation.

The Nutritional Content Of Cornflakes 

The Nutritional Content Of Cornflakes

One cup serving of cornflakes contains 93% carbohydrates, 0% fats, and 7% protein.(1) The low protein content does not keep you full for a longer period of time. They are surely low in fat but the sugar content promotes fat storage. Consider the following facts before making cornflakes a regular breakfast option.

Health Facts About Cornflakes

  1. Cornflakes May Make You Gain Weight
    Cornflakes contain fructose syrup which is a kind of sugar. Most of the people add honey to cornflakes with milk when having for breakfast. This further raises the sugar content, increasing the risk of weight gain.
    Even though the body needs sugar or glucose to sustain, but an excess of it can prove to be hazardous to health.(3)
    Many studies show reducing sugar intake helps improve health and lifestyle.(2)
    Adding sugar contributes to zero nutritional values and just empty calories. It adds on extra kilos to the body and reduces heart health.
  2. Promotes Diabetes
    Food high in sugar content has a high glycemic index, which increases the chance of diabetes. Glycemic index of cornflakes is very high i.e. 81.(4)
    High glycemic index leads to a high concentration of sugar in the blood, increasing insulin demand and contributing to a high risk of development of type2 diabetes.
    Starting your day with a high-sugar breakfast option which can spike the sugar level is not at all a good idea.
  3. Not Healthy For Kids
    Many companies have introduced flavored cornflakes which are extremely high in sugar content. These products are marketed especially for kids with some misleading health claims as well.
    Children are seen giving more preference to food with the popular cartoon character on the packaging.(5) This makes them develop a habit for such food which can lead to an increase in the risk of obesity which is very common in kids nowadays.
    It also increases the risk of other diet-related diseases.
  4. Increases Heart Disease Risk
    Increase sugar intake in the diet increases the risk of heart diseases which is a major cause of death worldwide(6)
    A study has also linked high sugar intake to atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by a fatty, artery-clogging deposit.(7)
    Being high in sugar content, consuming cornflakes every day should be given a thought.

If you really want to have cereals for breakfast consider trying wheat flakes or oatmeal. They have an improved nutrient quality and can be had with low-fat milk.

Add fruits like berries, banana, and apple adds vitamin, fiber, and antioxidants to it. Adding nuts to breakfast increase its protein content which gives a feeling of fullness for long. You can add nuts for protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Do not spoil it by consuming a lot of sugar in it. This can make you sleepy, sluggish, and hard to get through the day. Also, cornflakes are not a healthy breakfast for kids before going to school

Go for healthy breakfast options which keep you fit and active to go ahead with a day feeling fresh.

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