You may suffer from constipation now and then even if you are following a healthy lifestyle and taking a healthy diet. You might then look for the OTC laxative for curing constipation. However, it is good to look for a natural laxative which are completely natural, easy and simple to use and also absolutely safe. So why not try papaya fruit which is a natural laxative known to be excellent for your digestive tract and aids in relieving constipation.


Is Papaya a Natural Laxative?


Is Papaya a Natural Laxative?

Yes, Papaya is a natural laxative. Papaya, especially the green papaya is wonderful in straightening out the digestive tract and providing you relief from constipation. Now, what actually makes papaya such a great natural laxative? This fruit contain a large amount of fiber and is stuffed with a digestive enzyme known as Papain. The combined benefits of huge amount of fiber and the digestive enzyme Papain make papaya a great natural laxative for relieving constipation.


If you are taking papaya as it is, you need to try partially unripe papaya which contains the most papain and is beneficial in preventing from constipation as it safeguards the partially digested proteins in your large intestine. The rich amount of insoluble fiber present in papaya aids to bulk-up the faeces in your colon, and thus allowing it to move easier.

How Much Papaya Should You Eat for Constipation?

You can eat 2-3 cups or half of a large papaya fruit, if you have not passed a stool for one day. You can also drink papaya juice instead for relief from constipation. The juice as contain more water content is more an effective natural laxative. However it contains less fiber content which may not be good for relieving constipation. But again, if you simply blend the fruit then you can find the best benefit from the papaya juice. However, if you use a juice extractor then you will lose a lot of fiber.

It is thus known that papaya act as a natural laxative and can provide you relief from constipation and piles etc. however, it is essential for you to add dried or fresh figs for improving the laxative properties of papaya. However be very careful if you are pregnant as consuming unripe papaya can induce labor.

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