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Is Yogurt Good For Immune System?

Our immune system is the one that helps us protect from several kinds of infections and ill health conditions like cold and influenza. It is also an important part for preventing cancers and allergies. It must be noted that in order to keep your immune system functioning in a proper manner, the immune system requires various nutrients that one gets from diet on a daily basis. Such nutrients are proteins, vitamins like vitamin A, C and vitamin E, along with various minerals. Yogurt is one food that is rich in proteins and several essential nutrients. Let us know if yogurt is good for immune system.

Is Yogurt Good For Immune System?

Is Yogurt Good For Immune System?

Yogurt is known to help with digestion of lactose; however, it is now widely known that consuming yogurt might be associated with a positive effect on the immune system and also on the levels of vitamin B.

Regularly eating yogurt, especially if the yogurt contains probiotics might strengthen your immune system and also reduce your chances of getting an illness. Probiotics reduces inflammation, which is associated with various health conditions that range from viral infections to various disorders of the gut.

Research shows that probiotics in some cases might also aid in reducing the incidence, duration as well as severity of common cold.

In addition to this, the immune-enhancing abilities of yogurt are partly because of its rich content of minerals like zinc, magnesium, and selenium; which are all trace minerals and are known for their efficient role in improving the health of immune system.(1, 2, 3)

It must also be noted that vitamin-D fortified yogurts are known to boost the immune health even better. Vitamin D has been known for its significant role in preventing illnesses like flu and common cold.(4, 5, 6, 7)

So, we can know that yogurt offers us vitamins, proteins, minerals, and probiotics, all of which are known to enhance the immune system health and also prevent several diseases.

Final Thoughts:

So we known that yogurt is loaded with nutrients and proteins and it might help you boost your health if you consume it on a daily basis. Yogurt helps in improving the functioning of your immune system and also reduces your risks of getting some diseases. So, you need to add this healthy food to your regular diet.

However, ensure very much to choose the yogurt wisely. In order to get optimal health benefits from yogurt, you need to choose unsweetened and plain varieties of yogurt that contains probiotics.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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