List of Foods That Have High Amount of Trans Fatty Acids

Trans-fats do not have a place in a healthy nutritious diet. Trans-fatty acids are harmful for the heart and can also trigger inflammation and metabolic syndrome. But since trans-fats keep foods fresh for a longer time, make them taste batter, and enhance their shelf life, they are still in demand. People should; however, try their level best to avoid foods which are high in hydrogenated fats if they wish to stay healthy and live for long. Go through the following article for a list of Foods That have High Amount of Trans Fatty Acids.

More About Trans-Fatty Acids

Trans fats are either created naturally or industrially. Natural trans-fats are made by the bacteria living in the stomach of cattle, goats, sheep and deer. So this unhealthy fat is naturally present in meats like beef, mutton and venison, and dairy products like milk, cream, butter and cheese. Industrial trans fats are produced by hydrogenation and deodorisation of liquid vegetable oils. While more than 3% of the total fat in butter is trans-fat, the amount is as high as 30% in hydrogenated commercial shortening, which is used in baking. This is an alarming 10 times more than the naturally occurring amount of trans-fat in animal fats.

List of Foods That Have High Amount of Trans Fatty Acids

For centuries, human beings have been consuming trans fats in their daily diet. Fortunately, there is still no evidence which proves that natural forms of trans fat is dangerous. But the story of manufactured forms of trans-fat is different. Because of the rising awareness about the perils of industrial trans-fats, many food manufacturers and fast-food chains have reduced or removed trans-fat from their products. However, these fats still lurk in many foods as industrial trans-fatty acids. Junk and deep-fried foods not only contain heaps of salt, refined starches and added sugar, but are also loaded with trans-fatty acids. Along with increasing the chances of cardiac diseases, trans-fat also elevate the risk for many chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes and stroke. So, doctors advise to eliminate the intake of trans-fat completely. List of foods that have high amount of trans-fatty acids and hence should be avoided are:

Cakes, Pies & Cookies: Most cakes and cookies contain a small quantity of trans-fats, which add up to a significant amount when multiple servings of sweets are eaten. Frosting can further add to this whopping dose of trans fats. An average serving of frosting contains 2 g of trans fat, and sugar in a tiny slice of cake. So cakes, pies and cookies are some of the foods that have high amount of trans-fatty acids.

Biscuits: Frozen biscuits surprisingly contain more than 3.5 g of trans fats. Biscuits also often contain over 50% of the RDI of sodium and hence need to be consumed in limited quantities.

Breakfast Sandwich: Microwavable breakfast sandwiches surely help in saving time. But on the flip side, they contain at least 1 g of trans-fat and are also packed with sodium. So breakfast sandwich joins the list of foods that have high amount of trans-fatty acids.

Margarine: Even though most margarine makers have eliminated trans fat from their ingredient list, but it is always better to double-check. Few margarine brands which still contain trans fat, have as high as 3 g of trans-fat per serving.

Crackers: Many crackers contain high amount of trans fatty acids, which can help this food to last longer in the pantry for weeks without going stale. Even though trans fatty acids keeps food fresh, trans fat is still a complete NO for your health.

Microwave Popcorn: Microwave popcorn is a source of whole grains and antioxidants. But many of its flavoured and buttered varieties are laden with trans fats, and contain as high as 5 g of trans fatty acid per serving. Only popcorns which are labelled as “trans fat free” should be consumed.

Cream-Filled Candies: Cream filled, bite-sized candies contain 0.5 g of trans fat per serving, and it is very easy to eat more than one serving at a time. And before people realise, they already consume too much sugar and an alarming amount of trans fat, all without any nutritional benefit. So cream filled candies also join the list of foods that have high amount of trans fatty acids.

Doughnut: Even a tiny, frosted or cream filled donut contains a good amount of trans-fat and loads of sugar. In spite of its small fibre and protein content, a donut is never a healthy option for satisfying your sweet tooth. Donut is one of the popular food items that have high amount of trans fatty acids.

Fried Fast Foods: The most favourite fast foods in the world, like fries and sandwiches also contain 5 g and 2 g of trans fat, respectively, and thus should be ordered with caution.

Frozen Pizza: Frozen pizza contains around 1 g of trans fat per slice or serving. Trans fats are responsible for giving the crust of a frozen pizza its flaky texture. The convenience quotient of this frozen food is not worth the amount of damage it does to the health with its high amount of trans-fatty acids.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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