Beauty Benefits Of Dates For Beautiful Skin And Gorgeous Hair

Dates that grow from the palm tree are most delicious to eat. Dates can be taken as dry fruits or as fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are available in places where they are grown, which are in tropical and sub-tropical regions, while dry fruits are easily available everywhere. Dates require very good sunlight. Dates are very nutritious and healthy for the body. When dates are taken on a regular basis, it adds to the beauty of the skin and strengthens hair growth, apart from adding to health. When internal health is improved, it gives a natural glow to the external features.

Beauty Benefits Of Dates For Beautiful Skin And Gorgeous Hair

What are Beneficial Qualities of Dates?

Dates are found to have many beneficial qualities:

  • Dates are Rich in Vitamins: Dates contain Vitamin B5, which is pantothenic acid. Dates contain Vitamin A, which makes it a good antioxidant. The vitamin B which is found in dates help in preventing skin diseases.
  • Dates Contain Minerals: Dates contain various nutritious minerals also, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.
  • Dates Contain Flavonoids: The flavonoids present in dates prevent skin inflammation and other disorders in the body that is caused by inflammation.
  • Dates Contain Antioxidants: The vitamin content in dates protect the skin from free radicals that destabilize the body. The molecules that are destabilized through the free radicals during the oxidation process are stabilized through dates. Dates contain fiber content as well.
  • Dates are very Healthy: Dates contain vitamins and minerals that add to the health of the body. A healthy body has a beauty of its own.
  • Dates Prevents Constipation: Dates contain natural laxatives that prevent constipation. It can be soaked overnight and consumed the next day on an empty stomach to feel its effect, as it is rich in fibre.

Beauty Benefits of Dates For Skin

    1. Dates Enhance the Beauty of the Skin

      Dates are very healthy and taste good too. Apart from these features, dates also add to the beauty of the person consuming dates regularly, as it adds beauty through internal well-being. Dates help to regenerate new cells on the skin. As dates are rich in fiber, they help to eject waste from the body, which keeps the skin healthy and glowing. A person who takes dates will gain weight that will fill out the body and keeps you energetic. It removes the gaunt look and tiredness from the body. Dates help in acquiring beauty and health, two ingredients that make a person beautiful.

    2. Dates Prevent Wrinkles and Dark Spots

      Dates are very beneficial for the skin as they are good antioxidants. Consuming dates helps to repair all damages caused by free radicals that damage the body cells. Dates help in stabilizing the molecules of the body. The Vitamin A content in the dates, act as a good antioxidant that keeps the skin firm and healthy. One of the wonderful beauty benefits of dates is that they also prevent dark spots and age spots from occurring, as they are very nutritious and prevent premature aging of the skin. Dates keep a person young at heart and young in mind, just by adding beauty to the skin and making them look younger.

    3. Dates Helps to Prevent Skin Diseases

      Dates are very nutritious to the body. The vitamin B found in dates is used by the body to fight against skin diseases. Those who have stretch marks can consume dates as they are healthy. Just by mixing a few mashed dates with honey and applying them to the marks, the marks will disappear. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks is a wonderful beauty benefit of dates for skin. The same dates and honey mixture can also be applied to other acne scars and other scars that may occur on the body. The flavonoids present in the dates keep the skin free from inflammation.

Beauty Benefits of Dates for Hair

  1. Dates Keep Hair Healthy

    Dates contain Vitamin B5, which is a pantothenic acid. This heals the scalp and prevents dead cells from forming on the scalp. By eating dates, you can keep your hair healthy with a fine texture. The hair can grow with good density and allows good growth of hair with the consumption of dates. Just apply a few drops of date oil on the hair and massage to make your hair grow healthy and long. Promotion of hair growth is a tremendous beauty benefit of dates for gorgeous hair.

  2. Dates keep Scalp Healthy

    Dates are good antioxidants. They keep the skin beautiful and keep the scalp healthy too with its antioxidant effect. Dates prevent free radicals from destabilizing the body. During the oxidation process, the molecules that are destabilized are brought back to normal stability through the proper intake of dates. The skin cells that get damaged can be rectified through dates. Dates help to repair all dead cells on the scalp, which is the cause of dandruff. Dates also prevent brittle hair and split ends that usually occur, when the scalp is not healthy.

  3. Dates Reduces Hair Loss

    Dates are very rich in minerals and vitamins; hence they add health to the body and head. Hair grows well when a person takes a reasonable quantity of dates. That is why pregnant ladies are asked to take dates and other dry fruits, so that hair loss does not occur with the growth of the baby. Dates are also rich in antioxidants, which keep the hair healthy.

Who Should Avoid Dates?

  • Dates have high-calorie levels when they are taken as dry fruits. People with high cholesterol levels should not consume too much of dates. Similarly, if you are going on a diet, you can avoid taking many dates in your food as they are fatty in content when taken in large quantities.
  • Dates are very sweet to taste; hence diabetic patients should avoid eating dates, as they contain fructose. However, they are said to regulate blood sugar as they are low in the glycemic index.
  • It is best to take reasonable quantities of dates and not in large quantities.


Dates are very nutritious and can be taken by people who require more energy. Dates are used in beauty treatments when skin becomes lack-lustre with low nutrient levels in the body, or when a person is recovering from illness. Dates can also be taken during pregnancy, as it gives a glow to the skin and helps in growth of hair.

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