Symptoms of Menopause & Top 10 Supplements for Symptoms Relief

Menopause is one of the most stressful times in the life of any woman as there is a whirl of hormonal changes that continuously takes place within her body and distresses her physically, emotionally and biologically as well. It is the natural process and it is not an illness and many women tend to feel weak and pale, but menopause is just a temporary phase and it will fade off, as your menstrual cycle will stop. In addition to that, in order to combat various menopausal symptoms and aggravating issues, it becomes necessary to take up the right supplements to combat the menopause symptoms in an effective manner.

With so many medical treatments and other home based remedies that can ease symptoms of the menopause, if you are someone who is on the borderline then we have compiled a list of symptoms that majority of women undergo through the entire menopausal process and also a list of top 10 supplements that can help you provide relief from menopause symptoms.

Symptoms of Menopause & Top 10 Supplements for Symptoms Relief

Symptoms of Menopause

According to medical experts, if the woman has not had periods for one year then menopause is confirmed. It goes without saying that the menopause symptoms appear much before that; thus to make you understand, here we bring you a list of indications that all the ladies go through at this juncture of their life and the symptoms of menopause are as follows:

  • Irregular periods
  • Hot flushes
  • Lower fertility
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Night sweats
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Moodiness

Aforementioned indications of menopause are experienced by most of the women, although, it is not necessary that you will see all these symptoms in yourself at the same time. However, if you find two or three of these symptoms and at the same time if you are in the age group of menopause, then you are under the radar for sure. Once the menopause is confirmed, then it is critical to take care of your body and one of the best ways is to take supplements that are especially made for women who have undergone menopause. We bring you here top 10 menopause supplements that you will find in the market, so without any deferment, let us quickly take a look at them so that you can choose the best one, which will help you gain energy and vitality through and after menopause.

Top 10 Supplements for Menopause Symptoms Relief

Most of these supplements provide hormone therapy, therefore; it is vital to choose the right product that would suffice the purpose so that you can be in the pink of health.

  1. Black Cohosh

    This is an elixir when it comes to supplements for menopause. This supplement for menopause symptom relief is made out of the root of the North American plant black cohosh, and if you are someone who is suffering from frequent hot flushes, then this is the right menopause supplement for you, as it will certainly help you to get rid of those hot flushes. If you are having problems related to liver and digestion, then do not use black cohosh or any supplement that has black cohosh in it.

  2. ProEstro

    This menopause supplement provides holistic relief from all the menopause related symptoms, as it provides hormone support and with its effective phytoestrogens, it helps to maintain the balance of estrogen level in the body.

  3. Advanced Menopause Relief

    As the name itself suggests, this menopause supplement provides you complete menopausal support, be it emotional or physical, the best part is that it is 100% safe and effective and you don’t have to take many supplements to combat the menopausal issues.

  4. Menopause Relief

    This is another effective supplement that will help you to manage hot flashes, support mood and uplift your energy which is most needed when it comes to managing menopausal issues and menopausal symptoms.

  5. Transitions

    This is an award-winning menopause supplement and has gained a strong foothold ever since it got the best health supplement award. Unlike other supplements, it helps in strengthening your adrenal gland. As we all are well aware of the fact, the better the working of the adrenal gland, the more will be the production of progesterone, which is required for better balance of the body.

  6. Estroven

    This menopause supplement with its strong triple action prescription provides relief from the sundry menopausal symptoms. Estroven is a 100% natural and herbal product with no side effects on the body.

  7. Remifemin

    This menopause supplement is a boon as it can easily tackle both the pre-menopause and post-menopause symptoms, so if you want to rely only on one product, then Remifemin is for you, as you do not have to ingest different supplements to overcome various menopausal issues.

  8. DIM 200 mg

    Diindolylmethane is said to be one of the healthiest food from the nature’s basket and with this cruciferous vegetables, you can easily keep control on your hormones during menopause without losing the battle. It corrects the estrogen dominance; gives you peace of mind and apart from all that it helps to cut on the fat due to hormonal imbalances occurring during menopause.

  9. Fem Cool

    If you are facing extreme hot flashes, then this botanical menopause supplement is just for you, as it helps you to manage your hot flashes in the best manner possible. Fem Cool is proven in reducing the frequency of hot flashes by a vast percentage.

  10. Dr. Tobias Woman Hormonal Balance

    This menopause supplement is ideal for women who have crossed 40 irrespective of whether you are going through any-hormonal imbalance due to menopause or not. This menopause supplement is made up of red raspberry and red clover and soy isoflavones. Dr. Tobias Woman Hormonal Balance is made according to the CGMP standards, so it is safe to use as well.

The above list of Top 10 menopause supplements will certainly help you to choose the best one so that you can make an informed decision. One last piece of advice that is worth mentioning is that before taking any menopause supplements or health supplements, it is important to consult your GP or your gynecologist.

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