Side Effects of Fennel Tea

While much is spoken about the benefits of fennel tea, it is also important to know that it has certain side effects too. It is necessary to know the fennel tea side effects to ensure that you include fennel in your diet, only if it is safe.

Fennel tea benefits are many, which range from boosting the immune system to keeping your gut healthy. It helps lactating mothers to increase their breast milk to feed the child. It also keeps the throat healthy and free from cough and helps in better urination.

If fennel tea is taken in moderation, then its side effects can be minimized. So, it is important for you to understand what you are comfortable with to avoid side effects of fennel tea.

Side Effects of Fennel Tea

Side Effects of Fennel Tea

Here is a list of common side effects of fennel tea:

Increased Skin Sensitivity

One of the side effects of fennel tea is that people having a sensitive skin may experience more sun sensitivity. Fennel tea makes you more prone to sun burn which can cause redness and itchiness. You need to protect your skin from sun exposure to avoid worsening of skin symptoms.

Role in Blood Clotting

Fennel tea side effects extend to the function of blood clotting as well. When fennel tea is taken by those who have slow blood clotting, the risk of bleeding is more, which further leads to several blood disorders.

Interference in Contraceptives

Yet another side effect of Fennel tea is that it inhibits the effectiveness of contraceptive pills as some of the latter may contain estrogen. It is better to consult your physician before using fennel seed tea as a contraception and also consider using alternative contraceptive options.

Seizure Patients

Side effects of Fennel tea may be a cause of concern for people suffering from seizures or epilepsy. So check with your medical practitioner before you head towards fennel tea.

Drug Reactions

People having drug sensitivity need to be more careful when taking fennel seeds or tea, as it can cause some side effects like itching and swelling. Fennel tea side effects can also interfere with the action of the drug and cause harmful effects. Doctors usually recommend that fennel tea should be avoided altogether when you are on antibiotics.

Hormonal Changes Related Side Effects of Fennel Tea

Effects of fennel tea are quite prominent on hormones especially just before the onset of puberty. It may lead to developing the breasts before puberty.

For women suffering from breast cancer and uterine cancer, fennel tea side effects can promote the production of estrogen. This can worsen the condition. Similar side effects of fennel tea are seen in women suffering from ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids and endometriosis.

A substance named estragole present in fennel seeds is believed to have a crucial role in aggravating complaints of people suffering from certain types of cancer. While more studies are being conducted, consuming moderate quantities of fennel seeds may be advised to avoid fennel tea side effects.

Pregnancy Related Side Effects of Fennel Tea Side Effects

Pregnant women who are allergic to vegetables like carrot, celery and mug wort may be affected by fennel tea as well. Fennel tea can be harmful if you already have sensitive skin, which makes you prone to skin problems during pregnancy.

In some cases, fennel tea also triggers miscarriages. It can cause harm to your baby before its birth or even make babies more prone to several infections. Fennel tea side effects have a role to play in miscarriages because fennel seeds promote the menstrual blood flow which can potentially lead to adverse effects on fetus.

During pregnancy, you need to weigh the pros and cons of everything you eat to avoid any serious health repercussions at a later stage. As fennel tea side effects are many, fennel seeds can be taken with sugar or jaggery, after meals, which cuts down the side effects of fennel tea. The quantity needs to be restricted to minimum as that slashes down the problems you may have from fennel seeds.

Owing to the fennel tea side effects, most experts suggest avoiding it for pregnant women and particularly those who already have complications. Some cases report that that fennel tea has damaged the nervous system of infants when their mothers took the fennel tea.

Fennel seed tea is in demand in recent times owing to benefits it has. But like every other compound, it also has some side effects which troubles people in the long run. You will have to find out apt ways to find if fennel so as to avoid fennel tea side effects. To be on the safer side, you may take fennel seeds in small quantities instead of going for fennel tea. It is best taken with medical advice, particularly young girls, pregnant women and those who are suffering from medical conditions, or are under treatment.