Skipping Breakfast|Should You Skip or Should You Not Skip Breakfast?

Most of us believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we must not skip our breakfast. However this is just a myth. About 25% of Americans skip breakfast. Are you one of them? Do you want to know if you should or should not eat breakfast? Then this article will help you know about it.

Skipping Breakfast: Should You Skip or Should Not Skip Breakfast?

The clear answer to this would be; “If you feel hungry then do not skip breakfast; but if you are not hungry then do not force yourself to eat your breakfast.”

Why Skipping Breakfast May Worry You!

Why Skipping Breakfast May Worry You!

Skipping breakfast may at times worry you because since your childhood you have been said that skipping breakfast may cause health hazards and also make you gain more weight. Some studies even show that men who skip breakfast had 27% higher risk of coronary heart diseases as compared to the men who did not skip breakfast.

However, how far it is true? We will know more about this in the following paragraphs.

Should You Skip or Should You Not Skip Breakfast?

There have been studies which show that skipping breakfast may be harmful and may also lead to obesity or weight gain. People believe that eating breakfast helps them boost their metabolism and aids in burning the number of calories all throughout the day. However, this is a myth. There are recent studies which talks that there are lack of scientific evidences on skipping breakfast and obesity or weight gain.

It is observed that many healthy individuals who do not feel hungry in the morning but force themselves to take their breakfast only because they have been told it is better not to skip breakfast which would keep them safe from gaining weight. And when they start skipping breakfast if they do not feel hungry in the morning, they tend to lose weight and that makes them feel real good.

On the other hand, individuals who feel hungry in the morning but skip breakfast due to any reason have strong mid-morning hunger pangs and they reach out for unhealthy foods or large quantity of tea and coffee which can cause weight gain and lead to some more ill health issues over time. People who skip breakfast (even being hungry in the morning) may develop some unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or drinking coffee and tea. This may generate health problems in them.

However these are mere observations and cannot be counted on scientific evidences. In actual, there is no link between skipping breakfast and weight gain or health issues. As long as you eat healthy enough for rest of the day, as long as you do not develop any unhealthy habits, there is no issue in skipping breakfast. You can skip breakfast if you are not hungry in the morning. However do not skip breakfast if you feel hungry. It is all about the hunger and treating your body well!

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