What are the Ways to Gain Weight Naturally?

Gaining weight is as difficult as dropping the pounds. While a majority of people are envious of people who are ‘skinny’, the ‘skinny lot’ wants a well-toned, and sometimes a curvy look. In order to gain weight, many people opt for supplements and junk foods that can be detrimental to the overall health and longevity of life. A person can gain weight naturally by opting for lifestyle modification and choosing the right food and drinks.

Why are People Underweight?

Some of the reasons for people being skinny can be attributed to the following:

What are the Ways to Gain Weight Naturally?

What are the Ways to Gain Weight Naturally?

Listed below are some of the ways you can pack on the pounds without resorting to “cheat meals” and other medication.

Exercise is an Effective Natural Way to Gain Weight

The skinny person paunch is real. If you continue to eat without exercising, you can fall prey to the paunch. You should aim for a toned body. You can ensure a well-toned body by indulging in a balanced mix of weight training, cardio as well as flexibility exercises daily. If you working towards gaining lean mass, lift weights. You could engage in squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and a row, power cleans, and jerks, among other exercises. They engage multiple muscles while also triggering the hormonal response systems.

Healthy Diet to Gain Weight Naturally

A healthy diet is important if you are looking to gain weight naturally. You may take dietary supplements, but a balanced diet is essential to gain weight the natural way.

You will need a good amount of protein, fats and carbs. Eat nuts and indulge in dairy products. Protein will help in muscle building, leading to weight gain.

You will also need to ensure you build a good appetite. You can have a glass of wine before dinner to stimulate hunger. Do not drink water before and in between meals. It will ruin your appetite.

If you are looking to add fats to your diet, choose the healthy variety. Make sure you get enough of egg yolks as well as meat with animal fat. Also, make sure you increase your calorie intake. If you enjoy eating bananas, incorporate it into your diet.

Have Regular Meals to Gain Weight Naturally

If you want to put on weight, your body will require a continuous energy supply. If you plan to miss meals, you deprive the body of energy it requires to function. Eating regular meals will help you put on weight. There should not be a gap of more than three to five hours between meals. If you are looking to gain new muscle tissue, eating meals at regular intervals is important. Consistency is the key to weight gain.

Indulging the Right Way to Gain Weight Naturally

Some people may tell you to indulge in cakes and other sugary desserts as an effective way to gain weight. This strategy may work according to plan for some people. However, for others, it could lead to the development of visceral fat – ensuring you become skinny fat. Skinny fat would mean that a person appears skinny outwardly but has fat accumulated around vital organs internally. These apart, sugar-heavy foods drain your body of nutrients it might get from other food sources.

Meat and Vegetables as a Natural Source of Weight Gain

If you want to put on weight naturally, you will be required to eat much more than you would eat earlier. Considering body composition comprises 80% diet, you will need to eat A LOT! In order for those hormones to synthesize, your body will require copious amounts of proteins. In fact, your protein intake should never go below the 1g/lb mark of body weight, especially if you are looking to add long-term muscle. Protein can be best described as the solid foundation of muscle. If you do not get your daily dose of protein, your body will be crying out for it.

However, if you are looking to indulge in calorie-rich foods, you can choose from peanut butter, energy bars, oil and cheese.

Drinking Right to Ensure Weight Gain

Although liquids will not fill you as much as solid food, it can help with weight gain. A healthy drink can pack on the nutrients without making you feel bloated or stuffed. If you are looking for natural “weight-gain” drinks, always opt for 100% real fruit juice, organic skim milk or the always-delicious smoothies. In fact, smoothies should be your drink of choice. You can add wheat germ, nut butter and protein powder, among other ingredients, to ensure a healthy drink that can help you gain weight naturally.

Natural Granola as a Means to Gain Weight

If you are a breakfast person, you need to include natural granola. Not only is it nutritious, it can help you put on weight. A bowl full of granola can add variety to breakfast. It will ensure 500 calories as it comes packed with nuts, sugar, oats and healthy fats. These alone can help increase your body weight. If you want added flavor, add fruits, thick yogurt and a little bit of honey.

De-stress to Gain Weight Naturally

If you have to meet stringent deadlines and are always worried that you may not, food will never work on your body. If you are looking to put on weight naturally, you need to de-stress. Stress is among the main causes that contribute to severe weight loss. So, if you are under a lot of stress, you may want to find a release for it. Meditation and yoga is the perfect way to de-stress naturally.

Eat Right before Sleeping to Gain Weight

Our body heals and regenerates when we sleep. This is the best time for building muscle and lean tissue. Therefore, a healthy snack an hour or two before you say goodnight ensures a fresh supply of nutrients that function inside your body. If you are looking for a snack option that will not make you feel stuffed, choose a small bowl of pasta salad with whole-grain pasta, vinaigrette made with olive oil, shredded vegetables and lean protein like beans, chopped chicken breast or crumbled cheese.

You will go to bed feeling light as a feather. However, you will wake up ready to face the day.

Make smart choices on your journey to gain weight.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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