13 Sugary Drinks which are Bad for Your Health

Water is needed to quench one’s thirst. However at times we feel like having a little more and in turn end up consuming a lot of calories and sugar in the form of margarita, cocoa and etc. Hence, it’s important to make wise choices while sipping off a drink, required to keep up with our waistline and health criteria.

13 Sugary Drinks which are Bad for Your Health

13 Sugary Drinks which are Bad for Your Health

Here are 13 things that you could keep in mind:

  1. Hot Cocoa

    It is a necessary evil on a wintry cuddly morning but the health reality speaks of a different version. However it’s important to keep in mind that the drink serves the purpose of an afternoon snack more than a desert. A mug of whipped cream would be something around 400 calories packed up with 42 grams of content. It is a worse off situation than a can of coca cola. It is suggested for people to consume processed cocoa with sugar on wintry mornings because that way we can easily control the sweet content of the drink. If one does not have a sweet tooth then he could add some cinnamon or cayenne to it, so that the sugar content is less.

  2. Sweetened Iced Tea

    Tea is quite a favorite among the crowd; it is a very likeable drink full of antioxidants. The syrupy juicy iced tea that is easily available in the local market contains tons of the sugar content, cutting out on the health benefits of it. Some of these popular brands have more than 36 grams of sugar content in it, feels more like a desert than a drink. Adding one teaspoon of sugar to your bitter drink would help sweetening it. One could also go for squeezing a scrape of lemon or orange in it.

  3. Flavored Coconut Water

    Coconut water is a hot favorite of the season because of its richness in electrolytes. It is said that a given 14 ounce of it contains around 26% electrolytes. Electrolytes are those minerals that help maintain the water balance of the body preventing it from getting dehydrated. Coconut water need not be drunk all throughout the day however it helps a lot if you’re sweating a lot. Moreover it is important to keep a cautious eye on the flavored versions of the drink such as mango or pineapple. The flavored drinks contain an added 30 grams of sugar that if avoided could promise a fitter tomorrow.

  4. Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks boost up a lot of our metabolism even though at the cost of sugar. It energizes an individual with a significant health disadvantage in the form of sugar content. Around 14 ounce of it contains more than 26% of sugar. It is rich in B vitamin however that cannot cancel out energy drinks as potential health hazards. If you need a boost of energy then you might as well opt for a cup of coffee instead of going for the energy drinks that have the potential of increasing the blood sugar level significantly.

  5. Sweetened Yogurt Drink

    Yogurt is very good as a diet food. People who are on diets never skip yogurt as a part of their meal. Yogurt in general contains bacteria that help to keep the gut healthy. It is prescribed on a daily basis to people across all ages. But these days the packaged yogurt drink that is flavored contains some extra ounce of sugar in it. One must go for traditional yogurt drink to reap the traditional benefits out of it. The Plain version of yogurt should be your best choice of drink.

  6. Sweetened Non Dairy Milks

    Non-dairy milks include a variety of drinks such as coca milk, cashew milk and soy milk. Most of these drinks are of the opinion that they’re better off than cow milk. However it is important to drink the right kind of drink to avoid consuming the extra ounce of sugar. One must read the ingredients and the nutrition chart behind the product before buying it because some of the plain milk could also contain added sugar content. Opt for the less sweetened vanilla drink or maybe the plant milk in the form of almond, rice or cashew.

  7. Tonic Water

    A lot of us drink it as a part of our alcohol drink not as an entity in itself. Many of us are of the opinion that tonic and gin is a healthier drink compared to say coke and rum but sadly they’re mistaken. Around 12 ounces of this tonic water contains 122 calories and some more sugar content. If you’re going for an alcohol beverage order for seltzer because it has sugar and doesn’t have calories in it. If you wish to adopt a healthier standard of life then this is one tip you ought to follow.

  8. Fancy Coffee Drinks

    People drink away their lattes and frappes with a lot of pleasure without looking at the sugar content in it. Those wishing to burn calories should warm an arms distance from such drinks. A normal cafe frappe from star bucks has 26 grams of sugar in it. A vanilla frappe though is a better option to go for also contains sugar content. You could stick to coffee with milk by adding some ounce of sugar in it according to ones tastes and preferences. One could spice it up with a little bit of cinnamon in it.

  9. Sports Drinks

    A typical sports drink would make one indulge in sugar levels of more than 60 grams. If you’re running at a sports event then it makes since as you derive carbohydrates out of the sugar level that would help you to run. But just sitting at your office desk and working, in that case the drink doesn’t serve the purpose. If you’re exercising on a daily basis then the consumption of these sports drinks could be on a bare minimum level. Exercise would help increase the fitness level. Hence one wouldn’t have to depend on external assistance for it.

  10. Margarita

    A bottle of margarita contains more than 600 calories with added sugar content of around 40 grams. It is the same amount of sugar consumed by gulping down three pieces of cake. So the margarita that is supposed to be the youth favorite cocktail is actually a necessary evil in our lives. One could make a cocktail by punching soda with alcohol meanwhile squeezing some lemon into it. This could be your hot favorite drink at the moment bereft of the added sugar level. Moreover a shot of tequila with some lemon water in it has around 79 grams of sugar.

  11. Nutritional Drinks That Are Flavored

    Nutritional drinks are rich in fiber and vitamins. Consumption of the aforementioned drink should be within the capacity prescribed by the nutritionist. However in order to ease out the scene the market strategists have come out with alternative flavored drinks to attack the consumer market. Consumers usually fall prey to the multitudes of these flavored nutritional drinks. However it cannot be ignored that the flavored drinks contain an added amount of sugar content in it. Nutritional drinks itself contain a minimal level of sugar so adding a few more teaspoons of it would not really help the case.

  12. Lemonade

    It is quite a hot favorite during the summer season because people are sweating out so much that they don’t mind consuming some ounces of the sugar powder.

    Lemonade is rich in vitamins because it has got lemons in it and definitely a better option than soda. Any lemonade power mix found in the market contains both fructose and sugar and a few spoons of artificial color. You can opt for rose flavored lemonade because it consumes the minimum amount of sugar content.

  13. Smoothies

    If you enter any well structured gym then you might find a smoothie bar. These bars may look very healthy on the outside but too much of anything fails to serve the purpose. The Fruit smoothies are good up to an extent beyond which it might lead to high blood pressure level and increased sugar level. These drinks with no added sugar written on it contain a minimum of 60 grams of it. Since a lot of it looks green on the inside we think it’s a smarter option to opt for. A whole fruit would be a proper replacement for a smoothie.

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