Benefits of Energy Drinks & Dangers When Combined With Alcohol

Isn’t that really true we would pay out few dollars for buying an energy drink during those real hectic times while on with exams or while running over with tight physical stress mental of work load & chores of our life? But have we ever bothered finding out the real effects of such energy drinks on our health, have we ever tried finding out something apart from what we just see in the advertisements about the great list on their good health benefits? Now, this current article will help you make a focus point on both the sides of the coin! The following array will discuss on the health benefits as well as the dangers of the energy drinks, which are actually needed to be known by every consumer.

Benefits of Energy Drinks & Dangers When Combined With Alcohol

About Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks are the beverages which contains a large amount of stimulants like Guarana, Ginseng etc along with a higher content of the caffeine. Take any of the known energy drink; most of them contains about a minimum of 75 mg to a maximum of 200 mg dose of caffeine in them. So point to be noted here is that caffeine percentage in various energy shots vary from one another. Though it has been found that energy drinks have actually presented fair results in enhancing mental clarity or boosting up your energy because of other ingredients like vitamins, amino acids and the botanicals; it can be dangerous sometimes when taken in large quantity on a regular basis because of the high caffeine content. One can of an energy drink contains on an average of 29-72gms of sugar. Just imagine the sugar content your body increases with when taken with higher dose of the energy drinks. So, now when you have taken few cans from any of the energy drink, just keep a note on how much can these cost you apart from those little bucks you paid for making the purchase. Here below we will be discussing on the health benefits and the health side effects of the energy drinks.

Energy Drinks: Benefits & Dangers|Energy Drink Dangers When Combined With Alcohol

Benefits Of The Energy Drinks: That Booster Dose Of Power!

Energy drinks are taken as the dietary supplements which help you stimulate your body and mind during stressed phases of life. Usually these booster drinks are mistaken as a complete sports drink by many people. But it must be kept in mind, “Not everything that look energetic, is born for all sports.” Though these energy drinks have their benefits in certain endurance sporty acts, they are absolutely not meant for the strength or anaerobic sport acts. To your note, it might be dangerous while exercising or physical workouts to take energy drinks. The real fact is, these drinks have varied effects in varied people. One must get the positive result and other may not. However, something to admit these energy drinks when taken in a considerable dose, do have a fair health benefits and are safe to health. Let us look below for some of the health benefits of energy drinks.

  • The hype energy drinks help you get instant energy and makes it a useful supplement when you are short of time to take your snacks or breakfast.
  • Leaving apart caffeine and sugar, energy drinks contain some other beneficial ingredients which help in increasing your health. For instance the Ginseng, Green tea extract or other natural herbs present in these drinks help in improving health conditions as they are the ingredients with enough healing power.
  • The vitamins and minerals present in energy drinks are pretty nutritious. Apart from these, the hype energy drinks also contain fruit pulps and juices that act great in improving health.
  • They act as a long term energy booster and provide stamina for at least 5 to 6 hours long while on hectic schedule of body or mind.
  • These energy drinks usually have low calories which makes an ideal drink for the weight watchers.
  • The best thing about energy drinks is the taste! “For instance, I would go for anything to feed my taste buds.” Like me there are many.

Dangers of Energy Drinks: How Much Your Energy Drink Pay Out In Real?

It is true, “Not all energies are built as positive energy.” Same is the case of energy drinks. One cannot guarantee about the 100% health benefits these drinks provide to natural health. However there have been studies on the negative effects of energy drinks and here we are with some of the side effects or the dangers of these supplements have on the human health.

  • Excessive intake of energy drinks may lead to severe headaches and migraine issues.
  • Studies have shown that energy drinks cause more forceful contraction of heart which might be actually dangerous. Certain energy drinks have their underlying risks of cardiac arrest.
  • Over intake may lead to insomnia. “It is true you want the activeness, but it is also obvious you cannot keep away from your sleep.”
  • Too much of the energy drinks causes body shaking and nervousness in people. Now just imagine, “Something which you took for providing you strength and stamina; made you fall down!” Isn’t that pretty worth thinking?
  • These energy drinks also cause vomiting in many cases.
  • There are people who suffer from some allergic reactions after taking energy drinks.

Dangers Of Energy Drink Combined With Alcohol: The Double Dose Risk!

People who are addicted towards alcohol and love enjoying their drinks with various other soft drinks have a habit if trying alcohol with all the possible drinks without knowing the possible danger of the combination. How about having a look on the hazardous effects of energy drinks combined with alcohol.

  • Energy drink when combined with alcohol may lead to fatigue and other dangerous symptoms because of the contradictory action of these two drinks; as the energy drink act as stimulant and alcohol as depressant.
  • People taking energy drinks with alcohol have been noted with a higher BAC (Blood alcohol concentration).
  • Alcohol as well as energy drink, both are dehydrating; so a combined drink may lead to more of dehydration. Lot of dehydration may lead to toxicity and result in longer hangovers.

Safety Note On Energy Drinks–Closing Oration:

“It is not always about worrying about the risks; but it is always about taking care while being with energy shots!” So, do make sure that you have checked the caffeine & sugar contents in your energy drinks while you are taking them on regular basis. Also, do not make it a habit to depend on these supplements. “It is good to try something that boosts your health, but every intense addiction is dangerous.” Keep safe and be with the best of your health!

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