What Foods to Avoid if you have Autoimmune Hepatitis?

An individual is said to have Autoimmune Hepatitis when due to a compromised immune system results in the healthy cells of the liver getting damaged resulting in inflammation. There is no definitive cause for now, that’s why the only solution is medical treatment, since there is no definitive cure. And precisely because of the presence of drugs on a continuous basis, it is necessary for patients with autoimmune hepatitis to have healthy diets for correct nutrition that strengthens the immune system.

What Foods to Avoid if you have Autoimmune Hepatitis?

What Foods to Avoid if you have Autoimmune Hepatitis?

It is recommended to avoid the following foods:

Alcohol. The most important change for anyone with hepatitis is the complete elimination of alcohol.

Wheat and Gluten. Gluten is highly inflammatory; it is a series of proteins with very little nutritional value that hinders digestion and assimilation through the liver.

Cereal grains that have been modified genetically tend to have high gluten content. Majority of the wheat utilized in manufacturing of flour is genetically modified so that the wheat that is produced becomes resistant to climatic stressors and pesticides. These strains are very difficult to digest and, therefore, inflammatory. So, adapting to a gluten-free diet can be beneficial for the liver.

Junk Food. These are our favorite foods but our body does not receive a good source of nutrition from junk food and, very often, are saturated with everything that we must keep away from the liver, such as fats, sugars, calories, chemicals and additives.

Dairy Products. Dairy foods are hard to digest. Those suffering from liver disease specifically cirrhosis are vulnerable to bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine than those who have a normal functioning liver. That is the reason why they may experience symptoms of lactose intolerance more than others.

In addition, a growing number of clinicians are recognizing that the consumption of dairy products can cause excess growth of intestinal bacteria and increase digestive problems in patients with liver disease.

Fruit Juices. These drinks are high in concentrated sugar. Sugar is bad for the liver, it adds work to the digestive process, and multiplies the work of the pancreas too.

Artificial Sweeteners. These sweeteners are extremely difficult to process for the liver. In addition to the routine work that the liver has to do, sweeteners add an enormous additional burden.

Additionally, high fructose corn syrup is also not deemed to be healthy for liver. Even though sugar is not considered to be good for the liver eating ice cream or candies in moderation does not affect the liver in any way.

Processed Meat. Remove it completely from the daily diet like minced meat or sausages of any kind.

Heavy Metal Contamination. This needs to be avoided. Heavy metal like mercury are found in fishes like tuna, salmon, swordfish, or shellfish and arsenic is seen in abundance in algae and hence need to be avoided.

Avoid Foods that Accumulate Many Pesticide Residues. Mainly strawberries. If they are consumed, they are recommended wild, of the garden’s own cultivation without the use of chemicals, or of ecological cultivation. Citrus skins (which are consumed in infusions) also contain pesticide residues.

Protocol for the Elimination of food in Autoimmune Diseases

-Eliminate any food from the diet does not involve any treatment. The changes should be accompanied by other therapies such as relaxation, reduce stress, avoid smoking and above all to comply with the medical treatment indicated by the specialist.

-It is recommended to restrict all the foods mentioned above for at least 20 days. Later they can be reintroduced, but the protocol mandates temporary withdrawal of these foods and assessment by the doctor of possible improvements and their reintroduction.

-The reintroduction of food will be carried out slowly and progressively when indicated by the doctor or the nutritionist, 1 food is recommended every 3 days, observing the body reactions.


Autoimmune diseases always require medical treatment and control. Due to the autoimmune character, not performing any treatment is harmful for our body. In addition to this, it is essential to follow a proper diet to strengthen the immune system, avoiding those already mentioned foods that damage our highly affected liver.

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