What Is The Best Thing To Drink For Your Kidneys?

The role played by kidneys is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It acts as a purifier and helps in removing waste content generated by the body. When there is an improper functioning of the kidney system, the waste produced by the body piles up inside. Such a situation increases the stress on the kidney and causes further damage.

What Is The Best Thing To Drink For Your Kidneys?

What Is The Best Thing To Drink For Your Kidneys?

It is crucial to remember that there is no permanent cure for kidney diseases. The only way that an individual can prevent or prolong the lifespan is by bringing a change in the lifestyle. Making the necessary changes in the diet assists in delaying the progression of the symptoms that lead to the failure of the kidneys.

To reduce the stress on kidneys and ensure its proper functioning throughout life, few foods and drinks come handy. They are an excellent source for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and would like to keep the condition stable without causing excessive loss of water in the body.

Drinks That Help in Keeping Kidneys in Good Health Include:


Water is the best source for any individual. It helps in creating the required balance in the body, and assists in removal of wastage produced by the kidneys. It is necessary to consume at least eight glasses of water a day depending on the weight of the body. People who are more active but diagnosed with chronic kidney disease have to increase the intake of water to meet the requirement. In some instances, they may even reduce by two or three glasses. Maintaining the required quantity of water in the body helps in flushing out the toxins and kidney stones. It is the natural cleanser available out there. Patients suffering from kidney disease no longer have to look towards detox methods.

Cranberry Juice

Generally, opting for fruit juice is not the best choice for an individual suffering from kidney disease. The reason is that many of the fruits are rich in potassium and phosphorus. These elements elevate the blood pressure or diabetes, which are the primary reasons for disturbing the functionality of the kidneys. In such a wake, opting for juices may not be the right choice. However, picking up cranberry juice that is 100 % organic (consisting of only fruit and water) is the right choice. Apart from cleansing the kidneys alone, the juice is also helpful in improving the help of arteries, tissue regrowth, health condition, heart condition, digestive tract, and more. If you are unable to find organic juices in the market, bring home fresh cranberry fruits and blend with water. As there are several varieties available, pick different variety each time you wish to prepare the juice.

Lemon Juice

Maintaining the required quantity of citrate in the body helps in reducing the acidic level present in the urine. Due to this, one can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Rather than opting for readily available lemon juices in the market, preparing it at home is recoverable. Fruit juices available in the market contain sugar and other preservatives, which can pose a threat to the existing health of the kidney. When preparing at home, you can add lemon juice to warm water or cold and add little quantity of sugar. Consuming it from time to time helps in cleansing the kidneys.


Although there are several things that are helpful in cleansing the kidneys, the drinks mentioned above are easy to prepare and commonly available. Drinking them is best for the kidneys and reduces stress on other organs, which altogether helps in stabilizing the condition and achieve good health.

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