Wonderful Hair, Skin and Health Benefits of Guava Leaves (Jam Ke Patte)

Health is wealth and consuming fruits is a healthier way to live a better life. In the health conscious world, fruits like Guavas have their own significance. Being rich in anti-oxidant, it has the ability to fight with diseases and help a person restore their energy level. Its medicinal properties are qualitative enough to work as a natural pain reliever.

Not just the fruit; rather, Guava leaves are also worth consuming in different ways. They have beneficial tannins and anti-bacterial agents that act as useful inputs for boosting the channelization of energy in the body.

Along with this, Guava leaves or Jam ke Patte contain specialized chemicals such as carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins that are exceptionally powerful to treat numerous diseases. The best part is being a herbal and natural product it will never cause any kind of side effect.

Guava Leaves and its Benefits

Guava Leaves come with a medicinal effect that allows the person fight numerous diseases. Containing anti-oxidants, these leaves are known to be ideal as a natural pain reliever. Everyone knows that Guava is a healthy fruit to eat; but, its leaves have chemicals that work wonders in restoring healthy lifestyle. Moreover, they are also used as a part of traditional medicine manufacturing in different parts of the world.

These days, people are becoming health conscious that enable them to savor on supplements. Though, many of them do not have side-effects; but, nothing is guaranteed. Going the natural way is ideal for health freaks. This is the reason that Guava Leaves are thought as blessing in disguise for people, who refrain from consuming any kind of health product.

Wonderful Hair Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Wonderful Hair Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Hairs are said to be the most essential assets of a person. In fact, it adds value to the overall appeal. This makes it necessary for the person to handle them with care. Consuming guava leaves for beautifying the texture of hair is mandatory. Being rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients, these leaves possess medicinal effects to lend distinctive lustre to hairs.

#1. Hair Loss: Guava leaves are said to be natural remedy for hair loss because it provides adequate nutrients to the roots, which reduces hair loss.

#2. Benefits of Smoothening and Strengthening the Hair: With vitamin B3, B5 and B6 present in Guava leaves, hairs become strong and soft as it helps in repairing tissues and cells. It also improves the quality of hair.

Skin Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

A healthy and glowing skin is also an essential requirement; Guava Leaves act as a beneficial input in doing this. Certainly, its medicinal effects are powerful enough to treat numerous skin disorders. Applying the paste of Guava Leaves can be exceptionally helpful for enhancing the natural beauty of skin.

#3. Benefits of Guava Leaves for Acne: Guava Leaves or Jam ke patte have antiseptic material, which is effectual in eliminating the black spots and acne. This makes the skin look clearer and glowing.

#4. Helps Get Rid of Blackheads: The paste of Guava Leaves can be mixed with water and applied as scrub to get rid of blackheads.

#5. Skin Tightening Benefits of Guava Leaves: Its anti-oxidants are beneficial in destroying the free radicals that damages the skin. This results in improved skin tone and skin tightening.

#6. For Other Skin Problems: With allergy blocking compounds, Guava Leaves are a wonderful way to treat the problem of itching in skin.

Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Known as the herbal treatment, Guava Leaves have distinctive health benefits enabling people to have better living conditions. Its medicinal properties are effective enough to fight with the diseases without leaving any side-effects.

#7. Guava Leaves Benefits for Weight Loss: Guava leaves are effective in restricting the conversion of complex starches into sugars, which results in weight loss.

#8. Helps Control Diabetes: Another beneficial effect of guava leaves is that it has the ability to reduce the blood sugar level to a great extent. In fact, it tends to prevent the absorption of maltose and sucrose by the body and hence helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

#9. Lowers Cholesterol: As an excellent liver tonic, guava leaves or peru leaves has the ability to reduce cholesterol as well as triglycerides.

#10. Improves Digestive: By stimulating the production of enzymes, guava leaves are powerful in improvising digestive system.

#11. Also, Guava Leaves or Jam ke Patte are effective in reducing allergies and even beneficial in prostate cancer.

#12. These leaves are qualitative in treating Bronchitis, Toothaches and Gum diseases.

#13. It is also beneficial for treating dengue fever.

Other Benefits of Guava Leaves

As it is known that Guava Leaves have ample amount of Vitamin C, they are taken as an essential material for maintaining good health. Talking about the other health benefits, its anti-microbial properties are meant to treat stomach related problems as well as diarrhoea. Besides this, chewing Guava leaves will surely help in toothaches and sore gums. With extremely beneficial results, these leaves have become a part of remedial therapy. Talking about the significance of consuming Guava Leaf tea, it is outstandingly useful in improvising the respiratory system for curing bronchitis as well as chest congestion.

However, Guava leaves or jam ke patte can be taken in the form of tea or a powder or even their boiled water to get the best possible results in terms of maintaining health. Being a natural product, it has powerful chemicals that showcase remarkable results without causing any kind of side effect. The magnificence of Guava Leaves lies in its herbal usage that is safe for all age groups.

Medicinal Use of Guava Leaves

Belonging to the Myrtaceae family of medicinal plant, Guava leaves can be chewed upon to treat the problem of bleeding gums. Indeed, they are effective enough to cure skin ulcers too. Its ant-oxidant properties ensure high quality health to the people consuming them. In fact, the fruit of Guava is a natural remedy for diabetes as well as hypertension.

Possible Side Effects of Guava Leaves Consumption

Being a natural product, it is safe to consume. There is no possible side effect of taking Guava or Guava Leaves. Still, the pregnant women or the ones who are nursing should ask the doctors before consuming Guava and the amount of fruit and leaves to be taken. Definitely, it is an herbal item that has all the goodness of nature resided in it.


The consumption of Guava and its leaves is quite a safe thing because of the richness in Vitamin and Minerals. As a tropical food, Guava is much used in Jams, Beverages and various kinds of juices. It is a healthy product that has enabled people to get the best of nutrition in one fruit and its leaves. Its medicinal properties have been used by the doctors in different forms to treat numerous diseases. They are also available in the powder and tea form, which can purchased. Having numerous benefits, one must consider consuming it to stay fit and healthy.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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