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You Will Be Better Off Not Taking These 11 Food Combination

Eating healthy is important, and so is eating the right combination of healthy food.

Some foods even if healthy, can harm the body if combined and consumed. Such foods can cause stomach ache, bloated sensation, and constipation. It is because different foods are digested at a different speed and the slow-digesting ones can cause a jam in the stomach.

A study done to examine the principle of food combination found that such a diet did not offer any benefits over a balanced diet(1)

You Will Be Better Off Not Taking These 11 Food Combination

You Will Be Better Off Not Taking These 11 Food Combination

Some dangerous food combinations are mentioned below.

Sweet and Alcohol

Combining alcohol with sweets is a big food combination mistake. Alcohol converts sugar into saturated fats and makes it accumulate in the body.

Consuming green vegetables can be a better choice.

Juice and Dalia

Eating dalia with a glass of juice is a very common breakfast choice. This is not a smart choice as it gives an instant high to the blood sugar levels. This raised blood sugar level drops drastically after some time.

These drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels can be harmful to the health.

Water With Food

Water dilutes stomach acid and hampers digestion. It should not be consumed with food at all.

Drinking water along with food makes the bodywork more on digestion and can also lead to stomach ache. If drinking water in between meals, just have a sip or two(2)

Cola and Pizza

Cola and pizza combo is the most popular combination of food offered by many food chains. It is not good for health at all.

Pizza is loaded with starch and proteins that slow down digestion and the high sugar content of cola also leads to sluggish digestion.

Fruits and Yogurt

Fruit and yogurt option is considered a healthy food item by many. The fact is that it is not. The acid present in fruits when combines with protein in yogurt, it gets toxic. It also affects the digestive fibers(3)

This food combination can also lead to allergies.

Fruits After Meals

It is not common for fruits to match with any other meal. Many people eat fruits after meals, which is a bad food combination(4)

Fruits digest quickly and other components in the meals such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, take longer to digest. If fruit sugar stays long in the stomach, it could ferment and lead to tummy troubles.

Meat and Eggs

Meat and eggs both are high in protein and can take a toll on digestion.

This combo might make the digestive system take a long time to digest it. And if you want to eat both, keep a gap between them. Eat light protein first and then meat.

You can also replace either with fresh fruit or vegetable.

Banana and Milk

Banana and milk is a toxic combination that can cause extreme heaviness. It can also make the mind and the body lethargic, making it difficult for you to carry out the daily chores.

If you want to enjoy a banana smoothie, make sure you add cardamom, cinnamon, or nutmeg powder to it.

Cereals With Milk And Orange Juice

Milk contains casein and juice contains acid. When this food is eaten in combination, the milk gets curdled and the enzyme present in the starchy cereal is also destroyed.

If you want to have juice, make sure you take it an hour before or after having the cereal.

Tomato and Pasta

Pasta feels incomplete without tomato, meat, and cheese. All these food items wreak havoc in the digestive system.

The acid in tomatoes weakens the enzyme, and the starch present in pasta and also curdles dairy in cheese.

Even meat being added to pasta is a bad combination.

Therefore, to avoid meal fatigue, it is better to stick to pesto sauce.

Meat and Cheese

Cheese lovers feel like adding cheese to anything they eat. Surely it enhances the flavor, but have you ever wondered about the health quotient?

Meat, eggs, and cheese all are high-in-protein food. When eaten in combination such food becomes hard to digest.

You can anytime avoid that cheese in cheesy meatballs, or omelette and make your stomach feel light.

Different bodies react differently to food. It is very important to listen to your body along with the taste buds. If any type of food combination harms health, it should be avoided.

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