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Earache Home Remedies : Top 10 Household Ingredients That Can Provide Relief from Earache

Earache Remedies: Here are the Top 10 Household Ingredients That Can Provide Relief from earache

Earache Home Remedies

  1. Olive Oil for Earache:

    This ingredient can be commonly found in many households and is very beneficial to get relief from earache. Olive oil is also helpful in relieving the buzzing sensation which can be heard sometimes in the ears. The olive oil should be heated slightly so that it is lukewarm and 3 to 4 drops of it should be instilled into the affected ear canal (using a dropper). Olive oil lubricates the ear canal and cures ear infection.

  2. Onion for Earache:

    Onion is used almost daily in our cooking and this simple ingredient, which we take for granted most of the times, helps in providing relief from earache. Onion has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help in relieving infection and pain. Onion can be used by crushing it and wrapping it in a clean cloth. Next, place this cloth over the affected ear for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat this many times a day for alleviation of earache.

  3. Radish for Earache:

    Radish is another effective household ingredient for earache. Cut a fresh radish into small pieces and put them into mustard oil and slightly warm this mixture. After cooling down to room temperature, strain this oil mixture and store it in a glass container. Instill a few drops of this oil into the infected ear whenever you have an earache to get relief.

  4. Peppermint for Earache:

    Peppermint leaves as well as peppermint oil; both are useful for treating earache. Fresh juice of peppermint leaves can be instilled into the affected ear to get relief from ear pain. Or you can also rub a few drops of peppermint oil externally to the regions surrounding your ear; however, concentrated peppermint oil should not be dripped into the ear. Always dilute it with some other oil, such as olive oil, before instilling it in the affected ear.

  5. Bishop’s Weed Oil for Earache:

    This is one of the most effective natural remedies for earache. Mix one teaspoon of Bishop’s weed oil with three teaspoons of sesame oil. Slightly warm this mixture and instill this mixture as ear drops (around 4 to 5 drops) for curing an earache.

  6. Licorice for Earache:

    Licorice is an herb which does wonders in providing relief from earache. Warm small amounts of licorice in clarified butter and mix it into a thick paste. This paste can be applied externally around the ear and gives immediate relief from earache.

  7. Garlic for Earache:

    Garlic has natural analgesic and antibiotic properties and is very beneficial in treating pain, inflammation from an ear infection. The usefulness of garlic in treating an earache cannot be retreated enough. Crush a few cloves of garlic to extract the juice from it and instill this juice into the affected ear. Another way of using garlic is adding one clove of garlic to a teaspoon of sesame oil. Warm this mixture slightly and instill some drops of this mixture in to the affected ear with the patient in a lying down position.

  8. Ginger for Earache:

    Like garlic, ginger too has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which are effective in treating different types of ear infections and relieving ear pain. Crush a fresh ginger to extract its juice and instill this juice directly into the ears for relief from ear pain. Another method of using ginger is, adding one tablespoon of fresh ginger root into one fourth cup of warm sesame oil. This mixture should be applied externally around the infected ear for pain relief.

  9. Hot Water Bottle for Earache:

    This household product is not only useful in the winter, but also can be used to find relief from earache. Hot water bottle when applied around the infected ear, gives fast relief from earache. You can wrap the bottle in a towel and place this against the affected ear for a few minutes to ease the ear pain.

  10. Hair Dryer for Earache:

    Hair dryer is another household appliance which, apart from its obvious use of drying the hair, can be used for relief from earache. After you have had a shower or a bath, use a hair/blow dryer to dry your ears instead of using a towel. The setting of the dryer should be kept at warm and the dryer should be held at a slight distance from the ears for effective drying of the ears. Do not exceed the use for greater than five minutes. The warm air from hair dryer helps in alleviating the ear pain.

So, to summarize, these were the various home remedies for relief from earache. You can try them in an emergency or if you can’t visit a doctor right away. However, if you do not find any relief from pain, then consult an ENT specialist immediately, as persistent pain could be a sign of a developing infection and requires immediate medical attention.


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