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Home Remedies For Ear Infections, Alleviating Ear Swelling and Pain, and Removing Earwax

Home Remedies For Ear Infections

Home Remedies For Ear Infections

  • Instilling a few drops of lukewarm olive oil into the infected ear helps in pain relief.
  • A popular home remedy for inner ear infection is garlic juice, as it contains natural antibiotic properties and so is a natural infection fighter. Crush a couple of garlic cloves and extract fresh juice from them. Instill this garlic juice into the infected ear via a dropper. As the infection subsides, so does the ear pain.
  • Onion juice is helpful if there is a pus discharge from the infected ear. Fresh juice can be obtained by crushing an onion. Next, slightly warm up this juice to lukewarm temperature and instill 2 to 3 drops of this warm juice into the ear for relief from ear pain.
  • Another method of heat application is by microwaving one cup of salt for 2 to 3 minutes. Place this warm salt in a small cotton bag and apply it near the infected ear. This helps in decreasing the pressure inside the ear as it helps in draining out the fluid accumulation. This method should be repeated 4 to 5 times a day for relief from pain.
  • Pain from ear infection and the infection itself can also be relieved with the use of essential oils. Mix 2 drops of chamomile oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil and 2 drops of lavender oil. Then add this mixture of essential oils to one tablespoon of almond oil, which acts as a carrier oil. Heat this mixture lightly and instill 2 drops of this warm oil mixture into the infected ear. This should be done three times a day and it helps in relieving ear pain.

Home Remedies For Alleviating Ear Swelling and Pain

Home Remedies For Alleviating Ear Swelling and Pain!

  • As mentioned above several times, garlic is very effective for curing earaches, as it contains natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic can be used in many ways. Garlic oil can be obtained by infusing garlic into olive oil. This infusion should be slightly heated to lukewarm and a few drops should be instilled into the affected ear.
  • Another method of using garlic is combining it with mullein flowers and/or St. John’s wort flowers. This mixture of oil can also be massaged around the ear along the lateral side of the neck. This massage will help in lymphatic drainage and in reducing the swelling in the ear and thereby pain.
  • Another remedy is cutting a cooked onion into half and keeping the lukewarm (not hot) cut surface against the external region of the ear. Hold the onion piece for about 10-20 minutes. This remedy is effective in alleviating ear pain.

Home Remedies For Removing Earwax

Home Remedies For Removing Earwax!

  • There are many agents that can be used to soften and break the earwax, such as mineral oil, baby oil, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and carbamide peroxide etc.
  • There are certain actions which will help in relieving clogged ears such as yawning, repeatedly swallowing water while keeping the nose pinched, chewing gum or sucking a piece of candy; all these measures help in relieving clogged ears, as these actions decrease the pressure and stimulate the muscles, which open up the blocked Eustachian tube.
  • In ear blockage, keeping the head elevated around six inches helps in drainage naturally thereby relieving ear pressure. This remedy is especially beneficial in children with clogged ears.

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