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4 Common Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss & It’s Treatment

Temporary hearing loss is more or less of a common occurrence. Sometimes, the hearing loss is so mild we are not even aware of it and only notice it after our ears have “popped” open and our normal hearing is resumed. We commonly suffer from temporary hearing loss after a bad cold. Along with coughing and sneezing, you can experience hearing loss from one ear or both in case of cold. Another common occasion where we suffer from temporary hearing loss is after going to a rock concert. Listening to loud music for hours at a stretch will leave your ears ringing and results in a classic case of temporary hearing loss where you can’t hear that well. Treatment for Temporary Hearing Loss depends on its underlying cause.

4 Common Causes of Temporary Hearing Loss & It’s Treatment

4 Common Causes & Treatment of Temporary Hearing Loss

  1. Noise-Induced Temporary Hearing Loss (NIHL)

    Some of the examples of this type of temporary hearing loss, like mentioned before, is when you have attended a rock concert and have sat close to the speakers then there is a risk of suffering from temporary hearing loss. Same is the case if you don’t wear ear plugs when shooting firearms. This occurs because our inner ear has a very delicate mechanism and is very sensitive to loud noise, particularly noise which is louder than 85 decibels.

    Treatment for Temporary Hearing Loss in such cases is by giving your ears a break and avoiding listening to loud music for some days. If you are going to a concert which has loud music and you feel that your ears are ringing, then take a break from the noise by going to the restroom or the hallway for some minutes. Similarly, do not listen to loud music on television or car radios. It is also important to wear ear protection, such as ear muffs or ear plugs, when you are attending a fireworks display or a loud concert. Protective hearing gear should also be worn if you are engaging in activities which use loud equipment, such as snowmobiles, motorcycles or firearms.

  2. Temporary Hearing Loss Caused By Scratches or Abrasions in the Ear Canal

    Using hairpins, cotton swabs, or finger nails to clean the ear canal can also cause temporary hearing loss.

    Temporary Hearing Loss Treatment. Consult a medical professional in such cases to treat your temporary hearing loss.

  3. Temporary Hearing Loss Caused by Ototoxic Medication

    There are some medications which can be toxic to the ear and result in temporary hearing loss. Such type of medications should be avoided.

    Temporary Hearing Loss Treatment. Always check with your doctor regarding any concerns about the medications which you are taking. After stopping the offensive medication your hearing will be restored again.

  4. Temporary Hearing Loss Caused by Clogged Ear Canal:

    If there is any blockage in the ear canal, it obviously will interfere with your ability to hear. Some of the causes of clogged ear canal are buildup of earwax, fluid in the middle ear space or swelling due to an ear infection.

    Treatment for Temporary Hearing Loss occurring from Clogged Ear Canal. Once the blockage, such as ear wax has been removed, then your hearing will return to normal. Some of the types of ear canal blockages which lead to temporary hearing loss are:

    • Earwax: Earwax protects our ears by trapping dust and other small particles and preventing it from reaching the eardrum. Earwax naturally falls out of your ear canal; however, if the earwax starts to accumulate and becomes impacted, then consult an ENT doctor to remove the ear wax which will help in restoring your hearing.
    • Ear Infection: Temporary hearing loss from ear infections usually resolves once the infection has cleared. If there is any pain or discharge from the affected ear along with other symptoms such as high fever, headache and stiff neck, then consult your doctor immediately. With the right treatment, your hearing will return back to normal.
    • Swimmer’s Ear: The condition of feeling of fullness in the ears with pain and itching after a session of swimming is termed as having swimmer’s ear. This is an infection in the external ear canal caused by trapped water in the ear after a bout of swimming. After the water has drained from the affected ear, your hearing will return back to normal.
Temporary Hearing Loss: CONCLUSION

So, you can see there are various reasons for temporary hearing loss and temporary hearing loss treatment depends on the underlying cause. So, it is important to consult your doctor to find out the cause and get appropriate treatment done for temporary hearing loss. It is also important to note that not all hearing loss can be reversed and the only way to know for sure if your hearing loss is temporary is to consult your doctor, get thorough evaluation and get treatment started.


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