Can Hearing Loss be Treated Naturally?

Ears are one of the main sense organs in which we depend upon heavily. The fact of not being able to hear your own voice can frighten people up. Some of us are blessed with stable and functioning eardrums but not all are lucky enough to have the opportunity to know the world more intimately. Hearing loss can happen due to many factors, some are deaf by birth and some lost their ability to hear due to some mishap and then there are diseases as well which can affect the ability to hear. Approximately 1 billion people are deaf around the world, the numbers are rough but the ever-growing deafness amongst people of all ages seems to touch the sky.

With the advancement of treatment, hearing loss can be treated easily. Hearing loss can also be treated at home with natural methods.

Can Hearing Loss be Treated Naturally?

There are many factors contributing to loss of hearing in a person. Although, some of the reasons are inevitable, some can be prevented with taking proper precautions or can also be treated naturally. There are various natural and home remedies which can help in treating minor causes of hearing loss problems effectively.

Home Remedies to Treat Hearing Loss Naturally

Home Remedies to Treat Hearing Loss Naturally

Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is a key to better living. Eating off unhealthy food opens a one-way road to bacterial diseases that can create hazardous diseases and internal damages which contributes highly to hearing loss. Thus, eating healthy food can be the best option for recovering hearing loss.

The following is an accurate pathway towards curing hearing loss-

  • First priority in your diet should be leafy and green vegetables like mustard green, collards and kale.
  • Vitamins are the basis of most anti-oxidants; hence consumption of vitamin-rich substances is highly recommended for ear problems.
  • Dark yellow vegetables like acorn, squashes (especially butternut), and pumpkin are also quite effective in treating and even preventing ear problems causing hearing loss.

Onion Consumption for Treating Hearing Loss Naturally:

Onion has gained lots of reputation when it comes to the betterment of our ears. In fact, one of the optimal ways for treatment is to macerate around 300g of onions in 1 liter of water for about half a day. Following which you should consume 3 glasses of that concoction per day.

Ginger for Treating Hearing Loss Naturally:

Ginger can be a quick fix for hearing loss. You can add three slices of ginger and one heap of tablespoon each of cilantro, rosemary, dried oregano and cinnamon to four cups of water for around 15 minutes. Then you need to drink that for 3 times a day.

Ear Irrigation to Treat Hearing Loss Naturally:

This is a simple method to treat hearing loss problems naturally. Simply, allow a jet of fresh warm water to take all the dirt accumulation inside your ear canal be flown away. Even though this practice can be easily done at home, consultation from an ENT specialist is advised. The ear irrigation kit is easily available in and around most modern pharmacies. However, you have to strictly follow all instructions and cautions. If any kind of pain or inconvenience or worsening of the condition is observed, one must rush to an ENT specialist as soon as possible.

Apple Cider for Treating Hearing Loss Naturally:

Apple cider vinegar is the magic drink for the high degree ailment of hearing loss. This magic liquid is rich in pure Zinc, Potassium, and Manganese. This treatment is doubly good as it addresses long-time worsening of hearing sense along with temporary hearing losses. One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is to be mixed with one tablespoon of honey in a cup of water. This mixture must be consumed 3 times a day.

Acupressure for Treating Hearing Loss Naturally:

Acupressure can help in treating hearing loss problems naturally. As per the Oriental medicine, there is a close relationship between kidneys and ears. Even the shape of both these organs resemble. To get a good relief and cure for hearing loss, visit a good acupressure therapist and they can help in treating hearing loss naturally. Once you learn the acupressure points for stimulating and treating hearing loss, you can also perform it at home by maintaining the proper precautions.

Table Salt Compression to Treat Hearing Loss Naturally:

Table salt compression can be another easier way to treat hearing loss issues naturally. Just heat one cup of table salt in a pan or in microwave for a few minutes. Pour the heated salt in a piece of cloth and tie it properly into a poultice so that it does not leak. Now take compression from this poultice in the ear. This will help in treating hearing loss naturally.


Hearing loss could be a difficult problem to deal with. It can very often it can be treated naturally. However, if the problem is not subsiding even after 2-3 days, one must not delay in seeking help from a medical practitioner or an ENT specialist at the earliest.

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