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Is It Possible To Regain Hearing? Know When Is It Possible & When Is It Not Possible To Regain Hearing

Is It Possible To Regain Hearing?

Yes, it is possible to regain hearing, but not always. Depending on the cause of the hearing loss, hearing can be regained in some patients. Losing your hearing can be devastating and a persistent hearing loss is a cause for huge worry. As mentioned before there are some types of hearing loss which cannot be reversed and some types of hearing loss which are reversible. Here in this article, we have mentioned in what conditions we can regain our hearing and in what conditions the hearing loss is irreversible.

Is It Possible To Regain Hearing?

When is it Possible To Regain Hearing

Reversible Hearing Loss from Earwax Buildup: Possible to Regain Hearing

Earwax is a natural substance which helps in cleaning and protecting the ears. The ear wax normally gets cleaned out on its own by the ears. Using cotton swabs to clean the ears will push the wax more into the ears leading to accumulation of earwax which gets stuck inside the ear. This results in hearing loss which can be mild to moderate and is reversible once the earwax gets cleared out.

It is definitely possible to regain hearing if the hearing loss is from accumulation of earwax. It is quite easy to remove the earwax buildup and regain your hearing. Most of the times, conservative treatment or home treatment are quite effective in treating the earwax buildup.

Put a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil in the affected ear. This will help in softening the ear wax so that the wax can work its way out. Eardrops which soften the ear wax can also be used.

Consult ENT if home treatments are not working or if the patient has diabetes. The ENT doctor will remove the ear wax safely using medical tools or flush out the ear wax using saline or water. After the treatment the patient will regain his/her normal hearing.

Reversible Hearing Loss from Ear Infections: Possible to Regain Hearing

Ear Infections can cause mild hearing loss, which feels as if when one is wearing ear plugs. Ear infection occurs from trapped fluid in the middle ear, which makes a good breeding ground for bacteria. Viral ear infections can also cause hearing loss. It is very much possible to regain hearing which has been lost due to ear infection.

Topical antibiotics help in clearing away the ear infection after which one can regain normal hearing. Ear tubes are placed commonly in children’s ears who frequently suffer from these types of ear infections and they help in keeping the middle ear open.

Reversible Hearing Loss in Sudden Loss of Hearing: Possible to Regain Hearing

If someone has complete or partial haring loss suddenly or over a period of several days then about 50% of such individuals regain their hearing on their own. Hearing is regained usually in a week or two. Other than this, corticosteroid pills or shots can be given to treat and regain hearing.

When Is It Not Possible To Regain Hearing?

Irreversible Age-Related Hearing Loss: Not Possible to Regain Hearing

Aging causes gradual hearing loss in an individual. As the hearing loss is gradual, it is not noticeable at first. Patient first notices loss of hearing when he/she finds it difficult to hear someone over the phone etc. The common cause of age-related hearing loss is natural changes to the inner ear as a person gets older. Having a previous history of playing music through headphones, listening to loud noises etc. can also contribute to hearing loss in old age. The loud noise damages the hairs present within the ear which help a person in his/her hearing. After they are damaged, these hairs do not grow back. So all in all, it is not possible to regain hearing if the hearing loss is age related; however, hearing aids can be used and are effective in dealing with age related hearing loss.

Hearing Loss: Who to Consult?

If you are suffering from hearing loss then consult your doctor immediately as they can help in improving your hearing and also may be able to help in reversing the problem or prevent it from getting worse. Your physician will refer you to a specialist such as an otorhinolaryngologist, which is an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor; an audiologist, who specializes in testing and treating hearing loss; and a hearing aid expert who tests and helps with the fitting of hearing aid devices.


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