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Does Being Sexually Active Increase Testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone of the male reproductive system. It is actually responsible for the development of all sexual characters in men. This is the hormone that gives men their deep voice and also puts up hair on their chest and pubic area. Testosterone is responsible for growth and development of muscle mass and also preservation of the same in men. It is a dominant sex hormone in males, though it is produced in some amounts in females as well.

Does Being Sexually Active Increase Testosterone?

Does Being Sexually Active Increase Testosterone?

Many researchers have found a connection between sexual activity and testosterone levels. Studies have noted an increase in the testosterone levels during and after intercourse. However, there are also some studies that contradict this belief. Hence, due to lack of enough evidence to support this theory, it cannot be ascertained that sexual activity increases testosterone. There have also been mixed results though.

Normal testosterone levels are necessary for various functions in a man’s body. There are several factors that cause a decrease in testosterone levels. The decreased amount of this hormone may have certain implications on the body, some short-term whereas other long-term. Hence it is essential to maintain the levels of this hormone in the body. There are a number of ways to increase testosterone levels in the body. Some of them are given below-

Exercising And Weight-Lifting- this is one of the most suggested and result-giving method of increasing testosterone. Many studies have found that exercising increase as the testosterone levels considerably. Exercises like resistance training and high-intensity interval training are particularly beneficial in increasing testosterone levels.

Diet Should Include Protein, Fat And Carbs- eating a good diet has an overall health-boosting effect on the body. Hormones are greatly affected by what and how much do we eat. And testosterone is no exception to this. Hence, keeping a habit of eating healthy can give many long-term benefits. By eating the required amount of proteins, one can maintain healthy levels of fats. The protein can also help in fat loss. High amount of fats in the body is also linked to a drop in the testosterone levels.

Hence, it is a good idea to watch the protein and also, watch your weight if you want to increase the testosterone levels.

Cut down on stress -studies have linked high and prolonged stress levels with a number of negative long-term effects. High stress levels are known to increase the levels of cortisol dangerously in the body. Many studies link cortisol increase to testosterone decrease. A high cortisol can also make one crave for foods, making them to overeat and in turn cause fat excess in the body. Hence, it is best to avoid stressful situations and one can try various relaxation techniques to calm a stressed-out mind and body. This can give overall health benefits, along with increasing testosterone levels.

Taking Essential Supplements- the need for multivitamin supplements is still a highly debatable topic. However, certain vitamins and minerals if taken in a proper way can be beneficial in treating various conditions. Some studies link certain vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc etc. can be helpful in boosting testosterone levels.

Sleep Enough- getting a restful sleep is very important when thinking of the testosterone levels. Studies have linked a peaceful and enough sleep to rise in testosterone levels. However, it is seen that people are still okay with less sleep and they do not face any testosterone issues. Even though this may be true, a sound sleep is generally good for overall health and thus may help boost testosterone levels too.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Its levels decrease due to many reasons. Whether physical activity can increase testosterone levels or not is still debatable; however, some studies indicate that it might be so.


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