Is Occasional Erectile Dysfunction Normal & What is its Treatment?

Today, a large number of men suffer from the problem of short-term or situational erectile dysfunction. This type of erectile dysfunction problem takes place because of the inability to obtain or maintain an erection, but it occurs only in specific situations. Doctors say that these types of erectile dysfunction problems are normal and temporary, while they take place because of fatigue, stress or consumption of alcohol in higher amounts. Even few doctors say that short-term erectile dysfunction is common among men during their sooner or later phases of life.

Is Occasional Erectile Dysfunction Normal?

Is Occasional Erectile Dysfunction Normal?

Doctors have found many potential causes of the problem of occasional or situational erectile dysfunction. The occasional erectile dysfunction problem is common among various young men, who have a huge level of anxiety about their first encounters. On the other side, older men may find tiredness and/or fatigue, as affecting the ability to experience erection more as compared to the ability they had during their young ages.

Situational factors, which may hamper the sexual performance of men, are:

  1. Stress Can Cause Occasional Erectile Dysfunction

    Stress leads to release of chemicals from the brain, which prevents even beginning of an erection. In this way, erection failure may result in both anxiety and fear to cause a temporary problem related to erectile dysfunction.

  2. Fatigue is also Reason for Occasional Erectile Dysfunction

    Fatigue in men reduces their desire to enjoy sex and trying to do it in fatigue condition cause the problem of occasional erectile dysfunction.

  3. Another Reason for Occasional Erectile Dysfunction is Alcohol

    Alcohol is another prime culprit associated with the short-term erectile dysfunction problem. Despite only one drink or more than one dispel anxiety and stress levels; but if you take alcohol in excessive amounts, it will depress the sexual response.

  4. Drugs also lead to Occasional Erectile Dysfunction

    Most of the common medications, including various types of over-the-counter drugs may cause situational erectile dysfunction. Drugs to cure blood pressure, antihistamines, prescribed painkillers/relievers, sleep pills and aids for anxiety or depression constitute possible triggers of the erectile dysfunction. In addition, short-term ED may also take place because of the consumption of a common medical drug prescribed for prostate enlargement named Flomax or Tamsulosin.

  5. Problems with Usage of a Condom

    Unfamiliarity associated with usage of a condom or interruption in the sexual flow while putting a condom may cause ED on a temporary basis, particularly, in young men. However, in case of old men, condoms may cause erectile dysfunction, as they reduce simulation required to maintain the erection or to obtain an orgasm.

  6. Relationship Problems Causes Occasional Erectile Dysfunction

    Relationships may chance with time and it involves the interests of both people towards sex to experience sexual activities. Unresolved anger, poor communication and other problems in a relationship would result in situational or short-term erectile dysfunction.

What is the Treatment for Occasional Erectile Dysfunction?

Treatment of many short-term erectile dysfunction problems usually involves following necessary prescriptions. In simple words, it involves only few simple but necessary changes in the daily lifestyle of humans, which include the following:

  1. Bring a Positive Change in the Daily Lifestyle

    Try to bring positive changes in your lifestyle, i.e. quit smoking activities, put a limit on alcohol to up to only two drinks on a day, perform exercises on a daily basis and go for a healthy diet to get rid of occasional erectile dysfunction.

  2. Plan for Sex in the Morning

    Plan for sexual activity when you have both time and energy to get rid of occasional erectile dysfunction. For instance, you should try to have sex during the morning time instead of the day end of your busy schedule. Even you may go for a vacation to recharge the relationship.

  3. Avoid Over-the-Counter Medications

    You should strictly avoid various over-the-counter medications, which may result in occasional erectile dysfunction and consult with your doctor to identify the particular prescribed medication, which may cause you the problem.

  4. Discuss With Your Partner about Your Anxiety towards Erectile Dysfunction

    You should discuss with your partner if you have any anxiety feelings towards occasional erectile dysfunction. In order to have a good communication, you should try out talking openly about what will arouse each and always remember to have intimacy to relieve an anxiety in your performance.

  5. Consultation with a Mental Health Professional

    If you think to take help to bring improvements in the psychological outlook or to work for strengthening your relations, you should consult with a qualified mental health professional. Based on both couples and individual therapies, you will expect to deal with the problem of occasional erectile dysfunction efficiently.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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