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8 Amazing Eye Health Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Your Eyes, Tea Types, Precautions

One of the most popular home remedies is the use of tea bags on the eyes to help with the puffiness, dark circles and redness of the eyes. Other than this, tea bags are also beneficial in dealing with pink eye and styes. Tea bags are so popular because they are not only natural, but affordable too! Placing the tea bags on your eyes soothes them and they can be used several times a day till your symptoms subside.

The Correct Manner for Using Tea Bags on Your Eyes

Take 2 tea bags and steep them as you would normally do for a cuppa. Squeeze the liquid out from the tea bags, let them cool down or keep them in the fridge for 10 minutes. Keep the chilled tea bags on your closed eyes for 20 to 30 minutes and relax completely. You can apply mild pressure with your fingertips by pressing slightly on tea bags. You can also use cucumber slices on top of the teabags for extra benefit to your eyes.

Types of Tea to Be Used For the Eyes

Different types of tea can be used for alleviating the eye concerns and relaxing the eyes. Organic tea is best when using for eye concerns. Green, white and black tea contains antioxidants and caffeine, which are beneficial in treating eye issues, such as irritation, dark circles and puffiness.(1)

Herbal tea bags are very relaxing and calming for the eyes and help greatly with the above mentioned problems. Some of the herbal teas that are beneficial for treating eye problems are: chamomile, rooibos, clary sage, lavender, calendula, fenugreek and comfrey.

8 Amazing Eye Health Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Your Eyes

8 Amazing Eye Health Benefits of Using Tea Bags for Your Eyes

Using teabags in the right manner helps with the following eye concerns:

Say Bye to Stye with Tea Bags

Thanks to the high tannin content present in the black teabags, say goodbye to styes. The analgesic and antibacterial elements present in the tea reduces irritation and swelling in the eyes. Chamomile teabags also help in healing the irritated skin around the eyes; although more research is needed for using chamomile tea in regards to skin health.(4)

Tea Bags to the Rescue from Conjunctivitis

Fennel, chamomile and calendula teabags help in alleviating pink eye symptoms; however, more research is needed to recommend the use of these tea bags for treating conjunctivitis. Fennel, chamomile and Calendula teabags drain the extra fluid from the eyes and also help in alleviating irritation and swelling in the eyes.

Eye bright tea contains antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria and relieve inflammation. Green tea also works in a similar manner when it comes to eye inflammation.

Get Rid of Dark Circles with Teabags

Application of chilled green or black tea bags over your closed eyes helps in getting rid of dark circles. Like mentioned before, the caffeine present in the teabags narrows the blood vessels and helps reduce the dark circles under the eyes.(1)

Swollen Eyes, Inflammation & Eye Puffiness

The caffeine present in the green and black teabags has a beneficial effect on swollen and puffy eyes and the caffeine also helps in keeping the skin smooth by constricting the blood vessels and helps in reducing inflammation and puffiness.

Black and green teas also contain tannins; and the flavonoids are the antioxidants present in the green and black teabags that help in reducing inflammation in the eyes.(2) The tannins present in the tea remove the excess fluid, tightens the skin and removes puffiness under the eyes.

Green tea is more effective in removing puffiness and inflammation, as it contains more flavonoid in it. Chilled green or black tea bags help in treating under eye bags.

Teas like chamomile and rooibos also help in reducing eye inflammation.(3) Green tea also helps in smoothening of fine lines.

Teabags to Rescue from Rosacea

Lavender tea has many anti-inflammatory properties and so do green and chamomile tea;(5) and are beneficial in treating rosacea symptoms.(6) All these teas help in soothing the irritation and redness of the rosacea. You can put the tea bags on the parts of the face where you are suffering from rosacea.

Teabags Help with Red Eyes

Application of teabags on the red or sore eyes helps in getting rid of these eye issues. Some of the teas effective in treating the eye soreness or redness include: rooibos, green and chamomile tea, as they contain an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties.

Teabags for Treating a Black Eye

Green and black teabags help in reducing the inflammation from a black eye. The teabags contain tannins in them that help reduce the bruising and swelling of the black eye. The tannins in the tea bags also help in controlling any internal bleeding. Chamomile and lavender tea bags also give relief from pain and heal any skin irritation.

Treat Dryness of the Eyes with Tea Bags

Using warm eyebright, black or lavender tea bags over your eyes will enable in retaining the moisture and relieving the eye dryness. These teas contain many soothing properties, which benefit in relieving the sensitivities and dryness in the eyes.

Some Precautions to Be Taken When Using Tea Bags on Your Eyes

Eyes and the skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate and sensitive. So, you need to exercise some caution when putting the tea bags on your eyes and for that you need to keep the below pointers in mind:

  • Always and always wash your face and hands before using the teabags.
  • Never, ever use hot tea bags.
  • Always, always remove your makeup before the application of the teabags.
  • Remember to remove your contact lens before placing the teabags over your eyes.
  • Always use tea bags that are unbleached.
  • Do not use tea bags, which have staples in them.
  • If you are feeling any irritation or pain, then immediately stop using the teabags.
  • Never rub your eyes or touch them frequently.


If you continue to experience your eye issues, then you need to consult an eye specialist. For better eye health, make sure to keep yourself hydrated, and rest your eyes. Always wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. Always keep your hands and face clean. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.


Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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Last Modified On:March 22, 2022

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