Can You Drive After Glaucoma Surgery?

Glaucoma refers to increase in intraocular pressure, which may rise to more than 21 mmHg causing degeneration of optic nerve. At times it results in sudden painless loss of vision. If diagnosed on time there are a number of medications available these days which include beta blocker, carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, and alpha agonist and so on.

These medications can lower the intraocular pressure if taken properly.

In a patient who does not respond to medical treatment, surgery is the last resort. What types of surgeries are available? In case of angle closure glaucoma iridectomy along with trabeculectomy should be done whereas in case of open-angle glaucoma trabeculoplasty should be done so as to open the closed trabecular meshwork.

Now the question arises after surgery how much adequate time is needed for total recovery? The general answer to this question is around 1 month, but as laser surgeries have come up, time duration has decreased to 1 week. So, now the question pops is after how much time an individual can drive? What amount of time is needed exactly?

Can You Drive After Glaucoma Surgery?

Can You Drive After Glaucoma Surgery?

Gone are the days when one cannot perform such activities after being operated. Presently, there is so much surgical advancement that within few days of surgery one can perform all his basic tasks.

Initially, a conventional type of surgery was performed which requires a lot of recovery time. Doctors recommend at least 2 months of rest in such type of surgeries. But as we all know in this fast running world it is quite difficult for a person to do the best rest for 2 months, so there are various surgeries which have come up in place of these conventional surgeries, which requires less amount of time for recovery.

These include laser surgeries which make use of the smallest size of laser and thus early recovery. Consequently with the upcoming of such surgeries time of recovery has dramatically decreased and a person can resume his work by 1 week. So, it depends on the type of surgery one has undergone. Laser surgeries which are most commonly used worldwide presently require a very little time for recovery.

So, one can drive after glaucoma surgery. Initially, doctors used to think that one cannot drive as these conventional surgeries cause blurring of vision for a considerable amount of time. So it was suggested by the doctors not to drive until and unless one is perfectly fit. Other measures which should be taken care after a glaucoma surgery is that one should not lift heavy objects as it increases the intraocular pressure. So anything which increases intraocular pressure should be avoided.

Driving should be continued as soon as a person recovers. The advancement has made life very easy. Laser surgery ensures early recovery and thus one is advised to go for laser as it reduces complications along with the time of recovery. So with the availability of microlaser, the prognosis is further improved. In fact surgeries like iridectomy provide almost full recovery within 5 days. So time period varies from surgery to surgery.

Driving requires a proper vision that is only reason doctor advice considerable amount of bed rest. Glaucoma initially was considered a matter to worry but presently advancement in surgeries has bought a revolution.

Medications should be continued after surgery so as to maintain the normal pressure of the eye. So the basic rule of treatment is surgery followed by proper medications.


To summarize, glaucoma surgery requires minimal time for recovery as these days as various laser surgeries have come up. Along with surgical treatment, medical treatment should also be continued. So driving can be continued as soon as recovery ensures. Mostly a person can begin with driving on day 14 after surgery. But make sure that one is not having blurring of vision.

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