Eyes are the most valuable assets that help you to lead a normal, healthy and independent life. Developing an eye problem at any age can be a huge disadvantage for a person. Hence taking good care of your eyes and keeping them as healthy as possible is imperative for people of all ages. Here, we discuss some of the effective ways to keep your eyes healthy. Parents and caregivers of children need to be extra careful and take proper care of their children’s eyes so that they can keep all problems related to vision at a bay.


7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Eye and vision problems are very common. Small children wearing heavy spectacles is a highly ordinary thing to see, which brings up the key question that what are the pertinent measures that we must follow to maintain healthy eyes.


So here are some of the effective ways to keep our eyes healthy.


  1. Eat Nutritious Foods to Keep Your Eyes Healthy: Having a healthy, balanced diet provides all the nutrients. Ensure that you consume nutritious foods that help keep your eyes healthy such as carrot, nuts, legume, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits. Studies have shown that dietary anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory can help in reducing the risk of age-related diseases.1
  2. Proper Lighting: Making your eyes work in insufficient light is very taxing for your eyes. It can surely increase your risk of vision problems. Hence, when studying, reading or watching television ensure appropriate illumination to avoid straining your eyes. This is one of the important ways to keep your eye healthy.
  3. Maintain a Minimum Distance to Keep Your Eyes Healthy: Always watch television from a certain distance. This is true particularly when you are also sitting in front of the screen of the computer for a very long time. Parents, teachers, and caregivers must ensure that children should not read their books or other printed material from a very close distance.
  4. Avoid Exposure to Bright Screens for a Long Time: These days staying away from bright screens of laptops and mobile phones completely can be a challenge. However, you can definitely reduce the number of hours that you spend with these devices, as a way to keep your eyes healthy. You need to learn how to rest your eyes when using a computer or a mobile at a stretch. People who need to use these for a long time at their offices or homes should give rest to the eyes by looking at a distant place or keeping eyes shut for 2-3 minutes every 30 minutes.
  5. Take Ample Rest: You need to take ample rest so that your eye muscles, tissues, and nerves are properly rested. This is one of the major keys to maintaining the good health of your eyes.
  6. Clean Your Eyes Well: In order to keep your eyes healthy, you must clean your eyes well every morning after getting up from sleep. This is a ritual that you can perform several times throughout the day. Always clean your lenses before wearing them and change them at regular intervals.
  7. Periodic Eye Check-up: Even after following all the above measures you can get an eye problem. The best way to tackle the problem is to get an eye checkup every six months. Even if you do not have an eye problem you must see an ophthalmologist and get your eyes and vision checked once every year. This can help you to keep a number of vision problems at bay.


Eyes are the most invaluable possession of human beings but it is also one of the most neglected organs. Hence, it is imperative that you do take good care of them. People who have genetic problems must be extra careful since they have chances of developing eye problems in the future. Proper rest to eyes, regular cleansing, less use of smartphones, proper nutrition, and some of the effective ways to keep your eyes healthy. In case of any problem, it is advisable to visit an eye specialist for a thorough checkup.


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