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Harsh winter conditions, which lack moisture in air can have an adverse impact on the human body; especially the skin, lips and eyes. While we often use lip balms and body lotions to combat the effects of dry winters on the lips and the epidermis; the eyes can get dry and itchy too owing to weather conditions and calls for specialized care. It is important to know how to fight dry and itchy eyes in winters.

Ways To Fight Dry and Itchy Eyes in the Winters

Ways to Fight Dry and Itchy Eyes in the Winters

Eyes are fragile and delicate organs and prolonged neglect can also lead to partial vision loss which is reason enough to be proactive about eye care when you are bothered by dry and itchy eyes during the colder months. Knowing how to fight dry and itchy eyes in winters can help to stay healthy and protect your eyes.

Here are safe and effective eye care tips when dealing with dry itchy eyes. Let us know the ways to fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters.

Artificial Tear Drops

Artificial tears are often used for relief for dry itchy eyes during the winter months; they help moisten and lubricate the eyes. Your doctor is most likely to prescribe this course of treatment for a dry eye. Using tear drops is one of the best ways to fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters. While there are many products available in the market, it is best to follow medical advice.

Stay Hydrated

Dry and itchy eyes in the winters can present itself if your water and fluid intake is less than recommended. You can both prevent and largely treat dry and itchy eyes in the winters by staying hydrated. This is one of the best tips amongst how to fight dry and itchy eyes. Most people tend to drink water when they are thirsty however at that point the body has already reached a stage of dehydration. Don’t wait for thirst to be your cue to get a drink of water; drink as much as water as you can without being prompted to do so.

Opt For an Indoor Humidifier

Using just heaters during winters, may keep you warm but it doesn’t really deal with less moisture or dryness in air. This leads to dry skin, chapped lips and dry itchy eyes. The most effective way to make up for the lack of moisture in air while indoors is to opt for an indoor humidifier. These electrically powered machines diffuse water vapors into the air to make up for the nature lack of atmospheric moisture. A humidifier can largely prevent and fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters, when you spend most of your time indoors.

Stay Away from Indoor Heat Sources

Close proximity to indoor heat sources during the winter months can effectively dry up the natural moisture in your eyes. It may sound like a great idea to curl up by the fireplace and read a book surrounded by comforting warmth, however it can be a reason for irritation for the eyes. While indoor heating in extremely cold climatic conditions cannot be avoided; prolonged physical proximity to a heat source can be lead to dry itchy eyes. In order to fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters, it is advisable to avoid close and prolonged exposure to hot sources and make arrangements accordingly.

Decrease Screen Time

Screen time or time spent in front of a computer or television is a large part of modern life, which can worsen dry and itchy eyes. This has a drying effect on the eyes that can be largely avoided by taking appropriate breaks while watching TV or spending time in front of your computer. This is an important tip on how to fight dry ad itchy eyes in the winters.

Avoid Rubbing your Eyes

Dry and itchy eyes are followed up by the urge to rub your eyes in an effort to get relief however this will only aggravate the issue. There is also the chance of scratching your cornea which can be even more dangerous. Hence, in order to fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters, it is necessary to avoid rubbing your eyes. Find other ways to soothe and cool them with plain water, if needed.

Invest in Eye Gear

Eye glasses with ultraviolet shield and a hat with a visor are great gear to protect your eyes when you need to be out in the winters. When considering how to fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters, using appropriate eye gear, even during sports or swimming helps to a great extent.

In conclusion; all of the suggestions above are tips to keep in mind if you are looking out for ways on how to fight dry and itchy eyes in the winters.

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