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What Is Prognosis For Ocular Melanoma & Lifestyle Changes For It?

Ocular melanoma refers to the melanoma across or inside the eyes. This is a specific type of cancer and develops within the cells responsible to produce pigments. Pigments are responsible to give color to your eyes, hair, and skin. Similar to you develop melanoma over your skin, you may develop it within your eyes or on the conjunctiva.(1)

What Is Prognosis For Ocular Melanoma?

What Is Prognosis For Ocular Melanoma?

We may determine the prognosis of ocular melanoma or eye cancer based on its 5-year statistics. Accordingly, the 5-year rate of survival in the case of eye melanoma is approximately 82% when it spreads to inner areas, while 85% when the melanoma remains outside only. Besides, patients, who have their disease spreads to surrounding organs or tissues and regional lymph nodes have 71% as the 5-year survival rate. Furthermore, when the ocular melanoma spreads to the distant body parts, the 5-year survival rate becomes 13%.(2)

Prevention Of Ocular Melanoma Via Certain Lifestyle Changes

Even though ocular melanoma is incurable, you may manage your symptoms or avoid to make your condition adverse based on the following preventative measures.

Reduction To Your Exposure To UV Rays: If we talk about UV exposure, one should make sure to wear UV-protective eyeglasses and sunglasses whenever they expose to outdoors. The ultraviolet light rays of the sun may cause severe harm to the eyes but good quality of sunglasses may block most of the sun’s ultraviolet spectrum. Also, you may wear a broad and brim type of hat well ahead of the head’s curve to reduce your risks related to common eye problems, like macular degeneration, cataracts, and eye growths and so on.

Follow Right Diet And Lifestyle: Diet is a crucial thing to focus along with quitting your habit of smoking cigarettes and having alcohol. Thus, we recommend you to have food items smartly and focus on diet options, which are free from sugars. Instead, your diet should consist of fresh fruits and veggies. Other than this, you should strictly avoid having red meat and other processed foods.

Stay Physically Active And Do Regular Exercise: Most of the patients suffering from ocular melanoma remain at a relatively higher risk to develop complications if they are physically inactive. In contrast, physically active people experience 20% to 80% reductions in their risks to suffer from cancer. Besides, a majority of research study has proved that physical activity is beneficial to improve the quality of one’s life, reduce fatigue levels and help in maintaining energy balance.

Schedule Regular Appointment With Your Ophthalmologist: In general, you should go with yearly eye checkups to achieve your preventive health, as eye doctors may catch a few of the warning signs related to a few of the systemic diseases, including the problem of ocular melanoma. Your primary care doctor may recommend you to consult an eye specialist for many other valid reasons, because of which you should follow his/her directions strictly. Overall, if you are a healthy adult aging between 18 years and 40 years without any risk factor, like for instance have a family history related to diabetes and eye/vision problems you should consult your eye specialist every 2 to 3 years. Adults from 18 years to 60 years with risk factors should consult with eye specialists every 1 or 2 years. (3)


To conclude, we should say that the prognosis or survival rate of ocular melanoma depends on whether it spreads to another area of one’s eyes, other body parts or remains only on outer areas. Also, even though lifestyle changes cannot cure your condition completely, you may manage your ocular melanoma symptoms based on adopting certain lifestyle changes, as mentioned here.


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