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Does CT Scan Show Nasal Polyps?

Nasal polyps are soft and fine growths present on the lining of the nasal passage. These are painless and non cancerous in nature. There occurrence is associated with infections caused from asthma, weak immune system, allergies, etc. Small nasal polyps does not cause harm or discomfort but when these growth become bigger in size then it leads to problems like nasal blockage, interrupted breathing, individual become prone to infection and also lose smelling power.

Primarily doctors diagnose nasal polyps based on the symptoms experienced by the patient and also by physical examination. If they anticipate the presence of polyps then to identify the severity of the same they prescribe different examinations.

Does CT Scan Show Nasal Polyps?

Does CT Scan Show Nasal Polyps?

This is considered as one of the most reliable tests as it helps in identifying the presence and severity of nasal polyps. In CT scan view these polyps look like dense cloudy spots. These polyps vary in size ranging from small tiny hair like structure to a grape size growth. Bigger the size of the growth higher is the discomfort experienced by the patient. CT scan helps in identifying the exact location, growth and intensity of the same to cause discomfort to the patient.

Nasal Endoscopy

A narrow tube like instrument having a minute camera at the tip is inserted inside the nose of the patient. This helps in performing a detailed examination of the nasal passage. Doctors can also adjust the magnifying capacity of the camera for getting a clear view of the polyps is present.(1)

Imaging Studies

Images that are received after the CT scan help doctors to further analyze and identify the location as well as the exact size of the nasal polyps. This analysis also considers the swelling and irritation experienced by the patient because of this infection. In addition, this imaging analysis also helps in anticipating the possibilities of other nasal problems such as presence of any cancerous or noncancerous outgrowth or any structural abnormality.(1)

Allergy Tests

Some doctors may also prescribe soma specific skin tests to know if the chronic inflammation is cased as a result of any allergy. For this some tiny portion of the skin is pricked and small drop of allergy triggering solutions are applied on the pricked skin. After this doctors examine the response of body over these allergy triggering solutions. If due to any reason performing the skin prick test is not possible then doctors may also prescribe blood tests to identify the presence of any specific allergy causing antibody in the blood.

All these tests helps in identifying the presence of nasal polyps, along with its size and other details required for determining the severity of the problem. Further based on these analysis doctors perform required treatment of the patient.(1)

Nasal polyps can affect individual of any age group but it is commonly observed in adults than young people. If the problem is at an early stage then it can treated with proper medications but if it becomes severe then surgery is recommended to remove them. After removing the nasal polyps completely there is a high possibility that it may return back.

Symptoms Of Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps cause swelling and irritation on the lining of nasal passage. This leads to sinuses which last for almost twelve weeks and in some conditions more than that. There is also a possibility that an individual may suffer from chronic sinuses even without nasal polyps. When these polyps are small, then it is very difficult to identify as they are very soft and does not cause any sensation in the nasal passage. On the contrary, large polyps or multiple growths can cause severe nasal blockage or sinuses. Some of the common symptoms of nasal polyps are as follows:


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