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Laryngitis Diet : What To Eat and What To Avoid When Down With Laryngitis?

What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is a medical condition where there is inflammation and swelling of the larynx. (voice box)(1, 9) A person can have acute or chronic laryngitis and this condition is usually temporary with no serious complications.(1, 9) Some of the common causes of laryngitis are infections, irritation, overuse of the voice, smoking and acid reflux.(2)

When suffering from laryngitis it can be tricky to figure out which foods to eat, as your throat is irritated and sore; and you want something which will soothe your throat and not irritate it.

In this article, we will talk about what foods to eat when down with laryngitis and which ones to avoid.

What to Eat When Down With Laryngitis?

Chicken Soup: This is one of the most popular food items when suffering from cold, flu and laryngitis. Warm chicken soup is soothing to the throat, full of nutrients and easy to chew and swallow. Chicken soup contains broth, boiled noodles, vegetables, shredded chicken; all of which are easy to chew, swallow and digest and gives you energy to recover. The warmth from the soup helps in easing the irritation and pain from laryngitis and chicken also is an excellent source of protein.(3, 4)

Eggs: These are one of the best things to eat when down with laryngitis as they are not only nutritious and have protein in them, but they are also easy to swallow and do not hurt your throat.(5) For this reason, eggs are great when suffering from laryngitis as this condition puts you off from eating anything and eggs are easy to eat and full of nutrients so you can recover easily also.

Smoothies, Ice Pops and Ice Cream: These are not only delicious to eat, but the coldness from these food items helps in relieving throat pain and inflammation of laryngitis.(3, 6) Ice pops and cold liquids, such as ice water also help in clearing the mucus.

Tea with Honey and Lemon Juice (6): Whenever suffering from sore throat or cold, tea is the topmost comfort beverage which we crave. Tea helps in calming the symptoms of laryngitis and if you add a dash of lemon juice and some honey to it, it is even more beneficial thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the honey and the acidity from the lemon helps in breaking the mucus.(7, 8) The rich and thick consistency of the honey coats your sore throat and reduces the irritation caused by laryngitis.

What to Avoid When Down With Laryngitis?

Avoid Citrus: A dash of lemon juice in your tea is beneficial for your laryngitis, as it helps in alleviating the pain and breaking up mucus. However, excessive of citrus foods of any type are to be avoided as they can cause irritation to the already sore throat due to its acidity.

Raw Foods: Eating raw vegetables or even fruits can be difficult to swallow when down with laryngitis and it can aggravate the throat pain. Always steam or boil your vegetables and fruits that you want to eat when suffering from laryngitis, as they become soft in texture and are easy to chew and swallow. Another great way to consume fruits and vegetables in laryngitis is to make a smoothie and drink it, as the fluid passes easily down the sore throat and you can still have all the benefits from fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Crunchy Foods That Are Hard To Chew: Crackers and crunchy cereals should be avoided when down with laryngitis, as the rough texture of these food items irritate the throat and further exacerbates the laryngitis symptoms.

Spicy Foods and Spices: It is important to avoid any kind of spices and spicy food when down with laryngitis, as the heat from the spices cause irritation to your already sore throat and aggravates the inflamed tissues and worsens the pain from laryngitis.(1)


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