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Tonsillitis Diet: What To Eat and What Foods To Avoid When Suffering From Tonsil Infection?

Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils, which are tiny oval shaped growths present in the back of our throats and are there to help protect the throat by blocking various pathogens from entering and affecting the throat.(1) Virus or bacteria can cause tonsillitis; and in case of acute tonsillitis, treatment is done with dietary restrictions and medications. Acute tonsillitis also gets healed in some days.

When suffering from tonsil infection, a person can have quite a bit of discomfort and pain in the throat and swallowing is also difficult. Following a nutritious diet helps in better and faster recovery from tonsillitis.

In this article, we will talk about what foods one should eat and what to avoid when suffering from tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis Diet: What To Eat and What Foods To Avoid When Suffering From Tonsil Infection?

Diet for Tonsillitis or Tonsil Infection

Tonsil infection causes sore throat and difficulty in swallowing. For this reason, foods which are bland and soft and make it easier to swallow are recommended. If the food has soft texture then it will not cause irritation to the throat. Other than soft food, it is recommended to have warm beverages and foods to soothe the sore and scratchy throat.

Foods to Eat When Suffering From Tonsil Infection 

  1. Warm Oatmeal To Help With Tonsillitis(2)  

    Oatmeal is not only tasty, but has a soft texture which can be swallowed easily and fill you up along with giving you nutritious benefits. Experts recommend consuming oatmeal when suffering from tonsillitis, as it heals and cures the tonsil infection effectively. Oatmeal is rich in fibre, zinc, magnesium and antioxidants(3) to provide ample nourishment to the body and encourage the healing process of tonsillitis.

  2. Warm Liquids/Beverages

    Warm beverages and liquids, such as hot water, chamomile tea, ginger tea, herbal tea, soups, broths, help in giving relief to the sore throat of tonsillitis and also help in alleviating inflammation.(4, 5)

  3. Eggs either Scrambled or Hard-Boiled(6)

    Eggs are loaded iron, protein vitamin D, selenium and vitamin B12 and are soft in nature which can be easily swallowed and are highly recommended when suffering from tonsillitis. Eggs should be consumed without them being cooked in oil or using any seasoning, so it can soothe the throat. Eggs also provide nutrition, which helps in faster recovery from tonsillitis and also increases the energy levels.

  4. Spices & Herbs to Heal the Tonsillitis Throat

    There are different herbs and spices like sage, turmeric, ginger etc., which contain anti-inflammatory and healing properties which in turn helps in recovering from tonsillitis.(7, 8, 9) These spices can be added to warm liquids and beverages, such as milk and tea to drink and soothe the throat wracked with tonsil infection.

    Ginger is a great spice full of anti-inflammatory properties and also helps in relieving pain from tonsil infection.(9) Ginger aids in healing and also suppresses the bacterial growth.

  5. Popsicles to Soothe Throat Pain in Tonsillitis(10)

    Popsicles may be a surprising choice as a food item to consume when suffering from tonsillitis; however, cold food items such as popsicles, ice cream and cold milk help in fighting the inflammation of the tonsillitis.

  6. Chicken to the Rescue!

    Chicken is also rich in protein and helps in increasing the energy levels and fighting the tonsil infection. Chicken can be eaten in the form of chicken soups, broths etc. to soothe the throat and help in fighting the tonsil infection.(11)

  7. Yoghurt

    Yoghurt is also another surprising choice for tonsillitis diet. Yoghurt is a great source of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates and probiotics.(2) Probiotics are beneficial in protecting the immune system. Other than this, yoghurt is also smooth and soft, which makes it easy to swallow so the throat doesn’t hurt when suffering from tonsillitis and get all the benefits from yogurt. Yogurt is an effective tonsillitis remedy, which is not only rich in nutrients, but also helps in healing the tonsil infection naturally.

  8. Other Soft and Pureed Foods

    Like mentioned before, eating foods with mushy and soft textures are recommended when suffering from tonsillitis. Vegetables and fruits can be steamed and pureed, so they can be eaten easily and you can get all the nutritional benefits too. Boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes, steamed and pureed apple, etc. are some of the great options to eat when suffering from tonsillitis.

  9. Honey is a Sweet Way to Cure Tonsillitis

    Honey is full of medicinal benefits and helps in fighting the bacterial and viral infections. All this makes honey an effective and natural antibacterial treatment for tonsil infection. (12) However, make sure that you consume honey in limited quantities, as it is rich in sugar. Honey can be added to warm milk or warm water and consumed to soothe the throat.

  10. Pomegranate Juice is Packed With Antioxidants

    Pomegranate is also rich in iron, proteins, fibre, calcium and other vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants present in pomegranate juice help in encouraging faster recovery from tonsillitis.(13) Always consume freshly extracted pomegranate juice to reap its full benefits for your tonsillitis.

  11. Smoothies are Great for Tonsillitis

    Smoothies made with ingredients, such as kale, celery and berries are not only less in sugar, but are also easy-to-swallow and soothe the throat affected with tonsil infection. Using nutrient-dense ingredients for smoothies, such as mentioned above gives the body lot of antioxidants which helps in not only boosting the immunity, but also helps with healing when recovering from tonsillitis.

What Foods to Avoid When Suffering From Tonsillitis 

  1. Fried Food and Junk Food

    Fried food should not be eaten when suffering from tonsil infection as it can further irritate the tonsils.(2) Junk food is also commonly fried and processed food, which is also dry in nature and causes irritation to the tonsils and makes swallowing difficult and should be avoided when suffering from tonsillitis.

  2. Hard and Crunchy Foods

    Foods, which are crunchy and hard in nature, such as raw vegetables, nuts and potato chips should be absolutely avoided, as they are painful to swallow and can worsen the symptoms of tonsillitis.(2)

  3. Spicy Food

    When having tonsillitis spicy foods should be avoided at all costs as they worsen the inflammation in the tonsils and cause irritation to the ears.

  4. Raw Fruits & Vegetables

    Raw vegetables and fruits should be avoided as they contain different pathogens and affect the overall health negatively.

  5. Alcohol

    Alcohol also has inflammatory properties and should not be consumed when having tonsillitis, as it can cause acute pain, irritation and burning sensation in the throat.

  6. Tomatoes and Citrusy Food Items

    Tomatoes are rich in oxalic acid, which is an acidic component that can worsen the tonsillitis symptoms and increase irritation. Other citrus fruits such as limes, lemons and oranges are also acidic nature and can irritate the tonsils and are best avoided.

  7. Carbonated Drinks

    Carbonated drinks have a similar affect on the throat, as that of alcohol and should be avoided at all costs in tonsillitis.

  8. Smoking

    Smoking is to big no-no anyway for the health and should be strictly avoided in tonsil infection, as it can irritate the already sore throat in tonsillitis.


When suffering from infection or otherwise, it is always recommended to eat healthy foods. In case of tonsillitis, a sore throat is one of the major symptoms, it is also important to eat healthy foods, which are soft in texture and bland in taste so that swallowing them is easy without irritating the throat along with providing all the nutrition to the body to fight the tonsillitis quickly. Consumption of fried, dry and spicy foods should be avoided in tonsillitis, as it can not only irritate the throat but also worsen the symptoms of tonsillitis. Always eat home-cooked meals and drink warm fluids to alleviate the soreness and inflammation. Consult your doctor if the symptoms of tonsillitis worsen instead of improving.


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