What is Pansinusitis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies, Diagnosis

What is Pansinusitis?

In our face, we have cavities in our face which are located around the eye region, specifically above, behind, and below the eyes. These cavities are what we call as sinuses. These sinuses are connected to the inner part of the nose and hence are called paranasal sinuses. These sinuses are present in pairs and are called as maxillary sinus, frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, and sphenoid sinus.

The maxillary sinus is located under the cheekbone. The sinuses present above the eyes in the forehead are called as frontal sinus. Ethmoid sinus is present in the ethmoid bones near the nasal bone and the eye. Sphenoid sinus is present in the sphenoid bone which is located deep within the skull.

All of these sinuses become inflamed at one time or the other due to various causes like bacterial or fungal infection or allergies and give rise to a condition called sinusitis. When all of these four sinuses become inflamed then we call it as Pansinusitis. This is a medical condition which requires emergent evaluation.

What is Pansinusitis?

What are the Causes of Pansinusitis?

The normal cause of Pansinusitis is bacterial or viral infections and allergies. Bacterial and viral infection occurs when the immune system of the body is not working right. Pansinusitis is usually acute but it can become chronic with due time and inappropriate treatment and last for many months if not years. When the immune system is not working properly it is easier for germs to infiltrate the body through the nose resulting in a URI or upper respiratory infection which in turn causes Pansinusitis. Some of the other common causes of Pansinusitis are swimming in dirty water, infection due to a tooth abscess, sinuses getting inflamed or irritated due to dust and other environmental allergens. Second hand smoke can also cause Pansinusitis. There are also certain structural deformities which can cause Pansinusitis. These deformities are a deviated nasal septum.

What are the Symptoms of Pansinusitis?

The symptoms of Pansinusitis are similar to that of sinusitis but they tend to be more severe in nature. Some of the symptoms of Pansinusitis are:

How is Pansinusitis Diagnosed?

There are quite a few methods for confirming a diagnosis of Pansinusitis if it is suspected. These methods are:

Nasal Endoscopy: In this method, a flexible tube known as an endoscope is inserted through the nose to view the sinuses and see if any inflammation is present.

CT/MRI Scan: CT scan or MRI of the sinuses are also quite a helpful tool in determining whether the sinuses are inflamed or not. This study is far more accurate than an endoscopy in which minute obstructions may be missed.

What is the Treatment for Pansinusitis?

Pansinusitis is a condition that requires emergent treatment. Once the tests mentioned above confirm Pansinusitis, the next step in treatment is to find out the cause of the inflammation of the sinuses. Once the offending organism is pinpointed then adequate antibiotic or antibacterial medication can be administered for treatment.

A surgical approach is suggested if the sinuses get inflamed due to a deviated nasal septum to correct the deformity. Surgery is also recommended in case if Pansinusitis is caused due to polyps.

What are Some of the Home Remedies for Pansinusitis?

There are also some home remedies for correcting Pansinusitis. These remedies are:

Steam inhalation – An Effective Home Remedy for Pansinusitis: This is quite an effective way in reducing the inflammation of the sinuses and help get rid of the congestion. Steam inhalation is also the best way to get rid of the mucous which may have blocked the sinuses.

Healthy Diet: Diet to boost the immune system is of utmost importance so that bacteria and viruses are not able to infiltrate the body and cause harm. You need to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and other foods rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

Water Intake: You need to make sure that you drink plenty of water as it makes the mucous thin and thus it does not clog the sinuses. You can also try herbal teas which are easily available which can be quite helpful in treating Pansinusitis.

Chicken Soup: Studies suggest that chicken soup is also an extremely effective way in getting rid of sinus congestion or inflammation. Hence people suffering from Pansinusitis may try chicken soup as a home remedy to get relief from the condition.

Warm Compresses: This is also an effective home remedy to help get rid of Pansinusitis. You need to lay down with a warm compress across the nose, face, and mouth. Keep the compress on for a period of five minutes before removing it. Repeat this two to three times a day for optimum results.

Ginger: This is one of the most ancient home remedy for treating sinus congestion and Pansinusitis. You need to take small pieces of raw ginger and extract its juice. Take a couple of tablespoons of this extract at least twice a day till relief is obtained.

Garlic is also quite an effective home remedy to treat Pansinusitis. Take about four to five cloves of garlic and soak it in water for some time. Then make a paste out of it and inhale the fragrance of the garlic. It may not be quite good to smell but it proves to be an effective way for treating Pansinusitis.

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