Why Do I Have So Much of Gas All the Time?

Whether we agree or not, we all have several stories when it comes to gas, be it related to something that we should not eat or due to other health problems that we are unaware of. Gas situation is always embarrassing. Irrespective of the name you call – farting, gas, or belching, the occurrence of gas is common and happens to all. On an average, people pass gas at least 13 times in a day, and it is a reasonable value.

Is the Production of Gas Natural?

The production of the gas by the body is natural. The severity of the conditions changes according to the type of food that you eat. Stating that, it is unconventional to say that the same food causes similar casualty for a different person. It means that the food that we eat may or may not cause excessive production of gas.

The gas produced by the body contains carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, and oxygen. Gas causes pain in the abdominal region along with other parts of the body. There are two reasons behind an increase in the production of the gas. The first is consuming foods that give you indigestion, and the second is because you intake more of air while consuming food. Both the factors differ from one individual to another.

Why Do I Have So Much of Gas All the Time?

Why Do I Have So Much of Gas All the Time?

Irrespective of the reasons mentioned above, the typical food products that increase gas or flatulence are dairy products, aerated drinks containing sugars, and artificial sweeteners. The excessive passing of the air occurs when the consumption is through a straw. So much of gas or excessive gas also happens when you are eating the food at a faster pace. According to researchers, about 50% of the air or flatulence occurrence is due to the air consumption while eating but not due to the food.

As gas gives uncomfortable situation, you will have to find a way to curb it, which is through the process of understanding the reason for the production of gas. The first process is keeping a diary where you can pen down the foods that you eat and the changes that you notice. It will help you in reducing the quantity or the consumption rate in a week so that the food does not force the digestive system to expand by producing gas.

The second process is making changes to your lifestyle and chewing food. With limited time, often we eat at a faster pace. However, chewing slowly and completely is the best answer for smooth digestion. It not only helps in keeping away the occurrence of the gas but also has the possibility to improve digestion and reduce other stomach ailments such as acid reflux.

What if the Production Of Gas Is High?

Even after making the necessary changes to the diet and lifestyle, if there are signs of excessive gas, then it could be due to digestive health conditions such as bowel syndromes or GERD/ gastro esophageal reflux disease. If the reason for gas is due any of the underlying disorder, then it is preferable to seek immediate medical attention. Keeping a control of illness and the excessive production of the gas is of immense importance for the overall health of the digestive system. Discussing the details with the doctor will be helpful. In some cases, apart from using medicines, the role of dietician also has a significant impact, as they help in eliminating the foods that are causing the excessive production of the gas. Nonetheless, with a little determination and lifestyle changes, overcoming excessive production of gas is no longer a threat.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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