What Can Ease Severe Heartburn

Heartburn could be the result of acid reflux or any other prevailing stomach condition. Regardless of the nature of the occurrence, curing it is of immense help. Heartburn occurs as a chronic ailment or as acute. Severe heartburn is the condition where you feel the burning sensation for a short period and does not reoccur. A chronic condition is repetitive, and you will experience it most of the times.

Even after trying out all the antacids, bland diet programs, and giving up on particular foods altogether, you may still feel heartburn. In some situations, you may wake up feeling suffocated with pain in the throat and trouble in breathing, which leads to an asthma attack.

Is it Chronic Heartburn or GERD?

Ascertaining chronic heartburn and GERD is necessary. Identifying the nature will help in choosing the treatment procedure that will eradicate the roots, and improve the overall condition of the patient. Heartburn occurring from acid reflux is a common activity. It is the common symptom sighted by many patients suffering from GERD.

Other symptoms that they report include a sore throat, asthma attacks, laryngitis, and dry cough. If left untreated, the heartburn results will be untreatable, as it damages the esophagus completely and could even lead to the development of esophagus cancer.

What Can Ease Severe Heartburn?

What Can Ease Severe Heartburn?

As with any other treatment procedure, the primary target for heartburn is observing the foods that you consume. Many people react differently to several food products. Therefore, keeping an eye out will benefit in eliminating certain products that reduce acid reflux and the heartburn sensation.

Self-help care tips for severe heartburn include the following:

  • Stop overeating and consuming spicy foods. They increase the heartburn sensation.
  • Keep away from tomatoes and tomato by-products along with cheese and pizzas to manage severe heartburn.
  • Do not think about adding food products, including fresh fruit juices, containing citric as a component. Citric acid helps in worsening severe heartburn.
  • Do not eat large meals before going to bed. Ensure that you have at least two or three hours of time before heading to sleep.
  • Stay away from caffeine content and alcohol. Eliminating them is a good option. However, cutting them is also beneficial. You can choose once or twice in a week and observe the changes.
  • Opt for smaller meals than three large meals to manage severe heartburn. It will help in complete digestion of the food, without leaving behind any acids.
  • Overweight also leads to acid reflux and severe heartburn. Check body mass index chart and start preparing for the exercises that will help in reduction of the weight.
  • Cutting back on the weight will improve oxygen flow along with stress on the esophagus.

Even after treating the severe heartburn with the methods mentioned above, if it persists, then it is time to seek professional medical care. The doctor will carry out the treatment based on the input provided and the symptoms. It includes use of medications for short or extended period depending on the response, and proton pump inhibitors.

People with other stomach conditions or ailments that are provoking severe heartburn will have to find a cure to it than solely concentrating on heartburn. Speaking with the doctor will help in understanding the underlying situation and locate the treatment. Use of proton pump inhibitors is allowable up to some extent, but it does have limitations. Doctors often use medications and safe passages to cure severe heartburn without using pumps, as they do have side effects in the end.

Endoscopy is another procedure to find the reason behind the cause of the severe heartburn. The doctor will have a clear view of the esophagus and confirm whether the reason is GERD or another factor, and begin treatment accordingly.

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