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Caffeine Shampoo and its Benefits

What is Caffeine Shampoo?

Caffeine is an organic compound that is found in many plants. It can also be produced synthetically. It is a whole odorless powder with a bitter taste. Coffee, tea, cocoa, leaves of holly, and guarana seeds are the most popular source of caffeine.

Caffeine shampoo is produced by using organic active ingredients of coffee. It is known to stimulate the hair follicle and produce healthy hair growth. It also penetrates deep in the scalp, enables shine, and provides added conditioning.

Caffeine Shampoo and its Benefits

A study showed washing hair with a shampoo containing caffeine or coffee bean stimulated hair growth.(1)

Do Caffeine Shampoo Work?

Although there are a lot of claims about caffeine shampoo working really well, there is not much research to support these claims.

A study was conducted in which two experiments were done.(2) In each, shampoo with one percent caffeine was applied to the chest of the participants. In one experiment the hair follicles were closed with a varnish-wax mixture. The shampoo was washed away after 2 minutes and blood samples of the participants were taken at different intervals over the next 72 hours.

It was found, in the group where the follicles were left open, caffeine was present in the blood as early as 5 minutes and in the other group, the caffeine levels were not detected even after 30 minutes. This shows caffeine could be absorbed by the hair follicles.

Benefits of Caffeine Shampoo

Caffeine is known to serve hair with numerous benefits that include:

  • Suppressing DHT, which is a hair loss hormone
  • Hair growth stimulation
  • Elongation of the hair shaft
  • Supporting strong and healthy hair growth

DHT Suppression

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that plays a role in causing hair loss. This is a reason why men experience more hair loss as compared to women.

Androgenic alopecia affects more than 50 percent of men over the age of 50 years.(3)

Research show caffeine can be effective in suppressing androgenic alopecia.(4)

Women can have a higher amount of DHT after menopause. They may experience hair loss. In such cases, caffeine shampoo can prove to benefit.

Longer Hair

Along with blocking the effects of DHT, caffeine can stimulate hair growth.(1)

This results in longer and wider hair roots. In the study, biopsies were taken from 14 male patients of 20-45 years. Each was classified between the stage of 3 and 4 on the Norwood Scale, a classification used to measure baldness. It was concluded that the longer a follicle was exposed to caffeine longer was the hair shaft.

Another study showed caffeine can help elongate the hair shaft even if the follicle is exposed to DHT.(5)

Strong and Healthy Hair

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and this can help improve hair health.

Treating damaged hair with coffee prevents further damage as the antioxidant property of caffeine repairs and protects hair.

Caffeine shampoo can further protect hair by:

  • Removing product build-up
  • Rebalancing pH levels of hair and scalp
  • Softens and smoothens dry and frizzy hair
  • Acts as a natural hair dye

Side Effects of Caffeine Shampoo

Side effects of caffeine shampoo are very few, that include:

  • There can be scalp irritation in a few people, just like any other cosmetic product
  • Hair can turn brown or can get discolored
  • They can get less effective with prolonged usage

A majority of us consume coffee to reduce the feeling of fatigue and improve concentration. Coffee doesn’t just benefit our brain, but our body too. Caffeine shampoo improves the quality of hair significantly, prevents hair loss, and enhances hair color. It also has positive effects when used in skincare products.

Although more studies are needed to prove its positives, you can still try on it to enjoy the benefits it serves to the hair.

Caffeine is a thumbs-up for strong lustrous locks. Pick your pack and give it try and you would really not regret it.

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