Can Using Derma Roller With Minoxidil Improve Hair Growth?

If someone is having a tough time because of thinning of hair, baldness or hair loss; then the person probably might be benefited with a derma roller. This is a device that stimulates the growth of new hair and you can use it along with minoxidil to repair alopecia or hair loss and improve hair growth. Read below to know more about derma roller with minoxidil for improving hair growth.

Can Using Derma Roller With Minoxidil Improve Hair Growth?

Can Using Derma Roller With Minoxidil Improve Hair Growth?

Minoxidil is a product that actually revives the inactive follicles of hair, thus stops hair loss or alopecia and simultaneously stimulates the growth of new hair. Derma roller is known to boost the absorption of minoxidil in a significant manner when the product is applied just after or before rolling. Thus, when the rate of minoxidil absorption increases, it becomes more effective in treating the problem of hair loss.

The best way to use this topical product, the minoxidil with the derma roller is by rolling your scalp first with a derma roller and then applying the product to the area you have rolled with the derma roller. When you roll using a derma roller, temporary channels are created in your skin and these channels get closed within 30 to 60 minutes.

So, it’s necessary for you to apply minoxidil immediately after rolling so as to get maximum benefit.

You must begin by applying 2% minoxidil with derma roller once in every 2 days. You can begin applying derma roller with minoxidil every day or even start by using the 5% minoxidil with the derma roller if you do not experience any side effects, like irritation.

NOTE: You must not roll the derma roller too aggressively as it can cause skin scratches, irritations and needle marks.

Warnings and Preventive Measures To Keep In Mind When Using Derma Roller With Minoxidil

  • Minoxidil can cause several serious side effects if used in overdose. It can cause irritation if used in excess or if you start the hair treatment with very high concentration of minoxidil.
  • It is always essential for you to read the instructions mentioned for using the minoxidil topical product, and it is still better if you talk to your dermatologist before starting the use of minoxidil.
  • Do not use a longer needle length derma roller, as the active ingredients present in minoxidil can actually absorb very deeply into your scalp and can result in several side effects.
  • Kindly note that minoxidil can thicken your facial hair if it comes in contact with the skin of your face. So be careful while applying it and make sure that it does not run down the face.


So, derma roller with minoxidil can improve hair growth. However, it is always important for you to consult a hair specialist or your doctor to know more about the effectiveness as well as the side effects of using them as a hair treatment and it is always essential for you to maintain precautions before using derma roller with minoxidil.

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