7 Habits That Could Be Making Your Hair Greasy

Most of us are struggling with oily hair and have to wash it regularly to remove that excess oil, yet it is very important to get to the root cause of the issue. Finding the solution to this problem is quite important as it makes sense than combating the beauty problems every day.

7 Habits That Could Be Making Your Hair Greasy

7 Habits That Could Be Making Your Hair Greasy

Here are 7 habits that you need to stop doing in order to get rid of your greasy tresses.

  1. Touching the Tresses Too Often

    Touching and feeling our hair frequently is a common habit in which we all indulge in. When you constantly touch your face and then play with your tresses transfers the oil from the fingertips to your hair. This habit creates a problem and makes your hair greasy.

  2. Over Washing Your Hair

    Yes, over washing your hair to clean the grease may lend you in trouble and makes your hair greasier. Over washing your hair does not help, as it will strip the scalp skin and its natural oil. So in turn, your scalp generates more oil in order to replace the lost one. Try cutting down on days to wash your hair daily and do it twice a week. Now your hair will not become greasy anymore in the long run.

  3. Over Conditioning Your Hair

    Always choose the best conditioner and not the one that claims to be extremely creamy. You perhaps are applying a conditioner that is too heavy on your hair strength that can weigh your hair down. Choosing a heavy or creamy conditioner is another habit which we fall victim to in the hopes of making our hair shiny, but which in turn makes our hair greasy. Wash your conditioner properly to avoid any grease as it’s a grease giving culprit. Finally, avoid placing conditioner on your head all over instead focus on hair ends to avoid limp hair and oily roots.

  4. Over Brushing Your Hair

    Avoid brushing your tresses too much as it can stimulate oils from the scalp that primarily looks glossy, but becomes greasy soon. So ditch the habit of brushing your hair vigorously as it can make your hair greasy. Stick to combing your hair less in case you have a bad habit of brushing it again and again.

  5. Not Cleaning Your Hairbrush

    Do not keep your hair-brush dirty, as it can harbour all kinds of nastiest and build-up of stale products and the dust can make your hair greasy and stink at the same time. Clogged brushes will transform dust and dirt onto your hair and make them dirty, so ensure that your hair brush is neat and cleaned every day to avoid greasy hair.

  6. Clogging the Hair-Brush with Hair

    Your habit of using a hair-brush clogged with hair will only transfer grease to your hair from old hair to your clean tresses. It is a big time fail! Always clean your hair-brush and remove all hair from it before reusing it again.

  7. Applying Wrong Products on Your Hair

    You perhaps are choosing wrong quality hair products that are not compatible with your tresses. You need to search for lightweight formulas and avert the ones, which promise moisture and shine that would be suited to dull or dry hair types. Always consult your hair or skin specialist before choosing any hair product so you can have healthy hair instead of a greasy mess.

    Besides these habits, many styling products available in the market can be a prominent reason for the hair and scalp to become clogged-up and greasy. If you are a dry hair shampoo junkie, then you perhaps want to provide your hair a detox. Use a clarifying conditioner and a shampoo 2 to 4 times in a month. You can also use a shampoo that is designed to exfoliate the scalp. These hair products used for detoxifying the hair is a gateway towards healthy hair and away from greasy hair.

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