Inversion Therapy For Hair Growth: Can Hanging Upside Down Grow Hair?

Introduction To Inversion Therapy For Hair Growth:

They say, “People are capable of doing things any time, they dream of.” That is also something similar to the process of inversion therapy which explains you can be capable enough to grow your hair at a faster rate compared to the normal process of hair growth by inverting your body and hanging with head down.

On an average our hair grows half an inch every month and there are about 100,000 hair strands in the head. However, the process of hair growth can be increased by many means. One of the effective ways for hair growth comes as the Inversion therapy. It is known that by increasing the blood supply to head, hair growth can be stimulated. Supporters and believers of inversion therapy claim that one can grow about one inch of hair in a week if he/she is doing the therapy in an absolute way. This can be done fairly with the process of inversion therapy which involves you hanging with your head down and also the process includes an appropriate scalp massage with natural oil. Though the supporters of inversion therapy claim it to be beneficial in the growth of hair; science and research do not have enough proof to make it a prescribed therapy for hair growth.

Inversion Therapy For Hair Growth: Can Hanging Upside Down Grow Hair?

More about the inversion therapy for hair growth, the process of doing it, safety precautions, effectiveness of the therapy and more related things will be discussed in the following array of the article.

How To Do The Inversion Therapy?

Now let us dive down to the steps mentioning about how to do the method of inversion therapy for hair growth.

  • Use an Inversion table to do the inversion therapy. This will help you hang upside down in a convenient manner. Doing this stimulates the hair growth with the fact that blood flow to the head is increased which assist in growth of hair follicles.
  • Hang upside down for several times a day. It is good to talk to an expert naturopathic physician.
  • Avoid staying inverted or hanging upside down immediately after meals.
  • There are special yoga poses and exercises which can be performed simultaneously while head facing down position in inversion therapy. You can go for headstand, handstand, peacock etc which can help you with fine blood flow to the head.
  • Do keep a note to brush your hair well every morning at least 100 times by brushing them with a hair brush and altering with hands.
  • Have a fine scalp massage everyday with healthy natural oil that would help you stimulate the growth of hair follicles.
  • Take head wash in every 2 or 3 days and remain sure to use health shampoos or other hair products.

How Does Inversion Therapy For Hair Growth Works? Is It Really Effective In The Growing Hair?

Inversion therapy is practiced since more than past 2000 years. “As they say, if a custom is running for long then there might be some truth in it!” Inversion therapy enhances the blood circulation to the head which helps in an accelerated growth of hair follicles. So people who practice, follow and support this kind of a natural inversion therapy for hair growth do claim that it is not only about the accelerated hair growth but also the re-growth of the lost hair with the help of inversion therapy. The process of inversion therapy helps you protect hair loss and in hair growth.

How Does Hanging Upside Down Help Hair Growth Explained!

  • By keeping head down you can help the blood flow downhill reach the follicles in the scalp and thus increase their growth
  • It is also that the capillaries open more when the baroreceptors present in neck and chest starts feeling a sense of increased pressure in the head.
  • In order reduce that pressure in the blood, the same baroreceptors act upon by dilating the entire body’s capillaries including that of the hair follicles.
  • It is needed for you to introduce the healthy and prescribed diets for hair growth, by changing to a healthier lifestyle and with regular head massage.

Effectiveness of Inversion Therapy In Stopping Hair Loss and Growing Hair Faster?

Now coming down to the fact that whether it is really effective, then let us say that anything other than the medical treatments comes true for people who have experienced and who really believe in various other therapies and treatment methods, including the alternative therapies. The same thing can be mentioned for the inversion therapy for hair growth too. The effectiveness of the inversion therapy in hair growth can be well explained by the persons who have undergone the same and have come up with positive responses in hair growth.

As per a study or clinical investigation done by Andy Bryans, (the one who started the inversion therapy at first) taking 70 participants in the effectiveness of inversion therapy, about 70% of the participants stopped complaining about hair loss and about 50% of the people started with their lost hair re-growth within 3 months to 6 months. Participants were also seen that after 3 years they have recovered about three quarters of their hair lost.

It might sound ridiculous at first to people who have never been into the therapy, but for those who believe and experienced the effectiveness of the inversion therapy on a greater note mentions that it actually help in growing hair at a quicker rate where about one inch of hair is grown in seven days. That’s the challenge for people who claim for it.

Caution Note On Who Should Avoid Performing Inversion Therapy:

There are some special conditions which restricts the performance of inversion therapy in us. Let us know about the conditions where you are strictly prohibited to inversion therapy.

  • In case of pregnancy
  • In case of high blood pressure, heart or circulatory problems
  • In case of obesity.
  • In case of ladies, if you are going through your menstruation periods.
  • Restrict doing inversion therapy in case you have ear infection or eye infection like conjunctivitis etc.

Precautions To Be Followed While Doing Inversion Therapy To Stop Hair Loss and Induce Hair Growth:

Here are some of the safety precautions to be followed while doing inversion therapy for hair growth:

  • Beginners of this inversion therapy must take a strict note to start with an inversion that is not severe or at a slight angle.
  • If you are doing the inversion therapy for the first time, make sure there is someone with you to spot your inversion method. It can cause symptoms of dizziness while doing the inversion therapy for the first time. So you might be requiring someone assisting you.
  • Be sure you have consulted with an expert professional to be sure about your health conditions to begin with the inversion therapy.

Some Other Tips While Doing Inversion Therapy For Hair Growth:

  • In case you are below 18 years of age then make sure you are taking permissions from your parents for doing inversion therapy for hair growth.
  • In case you have straight or wavy hairs then do wash the oil after 2 hours of the scalp massage. Also make sure not to use shampoo very often which may be really unhealthy for your hair
  • In case you have curly or kinky hairs, go for a regular oil massage and take a hair wash after two or three days of regular scalp massage. It is preferred to do several days of scalp massage before the head wash.
  • Though you can use any of your preferred oil for scalp massage in inversion therapy, it is more preferable to use the natural oils.
  • Limit the use of extra products on hair which may affect your hair growth
  • Make sure you are measuring your hair from side, back, and front before you start with the inversion therapy method. You can get to see how effectively it works on you.

The Science Gets A Different Story About Inversion Therapy & Hair Growth: Check It out!

Now before we come to an end on this special topic of inversion therapy let us talk about what exactly science and research studies have to say about this special therapy of hair growth. Below are some points mentioning about what research studies say on inversion method of hair growth:

  1. As per the inversion therapy, keeping your head upside down helps you grow the hair follicles for this way you allow the flow of blood to your head.
    However science and research claims it to be dangerous at times, especially in the patients with blood pressure issues, pregnant women etc. Keeping head upside down will alter the blood flow and the pressure of the blood and can prove being dangerous. There are links between blood vessels being blocked from development in mice proves to be lowering the growth of hair follicles.
  2. Inversion therapy can help in the hair growth.
    Research on mice proves it to be effective. However there are still no claims about the same effects of inversion therapy in human hair growth.

FAQs Related to Inversion Therapy:

  1. How long is it needed to be in the inverted position in inversion therapy? You must remain with your head upside down at least for 3 mins a day.
  2. What is the degree to which one must be inverted while doing inversion therapy for hair growth? If you are a beginner, start with a minimum of 20 degrees to a maximum of 30 degrees. However gradually increase the angle from 60 degrees and reach 90 degrees for full inversion in inversion therapy.
  3. Is it normal to turn red while inversion? It is very much normal in you turning red because of the extra blood flow to the head while in a tilted position with head upside down. These symptoms will vanish away with time as you get accustomed with the inversion therapy. Beginners can take consultations from expert professional before doing this.

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