Natural Ways to Strengthen Hair Roots

Looking great is a complete package of great skin and great hair with other cosmetic factors. Hence, we wish to preserve the integrity and strength of our hair and prevent weak hair roots. While there are many hair treatment options, natural ways to strengthen hair roots can be of great use.

The question here is how does one strengthen the hair roots naturally and conveniently to avoid hair fall and thinning hair and this article aims to provide appropriate and effective answers. Read further for natural and holistic tips for strengthening hair roots and in turn cultivating thick and healthy hair.

Natural Ways to Strengthen Hair Roots

Natural Ways to Strengthen Hair Roots

Natural ways to strengthen hair roots is safe and holistic way when you are aiming for healthier skin and hair. In the absence of any dermatological scalp issues or alopecia that have compromised the quality of your hair; strengthening your hair roots is possible with simple everyday measures without medications. Listed below are a few handy suggestions and tips to add to your beauty and health regimen to ensure strong hair roots and in turn; enjoy strong and healthy hair.

Increase you Iron Intake

One way to spike hair growth and to ensure stronger hair follicles is to increase iron intake. It is one of the most effective natural ways to strengthen hair roots. You can opt for iron supplements but the natural way to increase iron intake is to add more iron rich foods to your diet. Liver, meat, fish are great non-vegetarian sources of iron while tofu, dried fruits, nuts, pulses and beans and whole grains are great vegetarian sources of iron. Iron is instrumental in carrying oxygen to the hair follicles and can thus strengthen hair roots and improve hair health naturally.

Limit Chemical Exposure

Hair colors, bleaches and other hair styling products often have strong chemical content that affects the hair roots over time. These chemicals weaken hair roots and lead to hair loss or brittle hair that are prone to breakage. Limiting exposure to such products is a very holistic step and one of the most important natural ways to strengthen hair roots.

Avoid Hot Water Head Baths

Hot water baths can be really relaxing and even necessary during the colder months of the year. However, hot water can damage your hair; hot water also draws out moisture from hair and also weakens the roots. The overall effects of hot water head baths are dull lifeless hair that is weak at its foundation, brittle and prone to breakage. Hence, it is worth using a shower cap while having a bath and having a hair bath with lukewarm water. Avoiding hot water hair bath is one of the natural ways to strengthen hair roots.

Add More Zinc to Your Diet

Zinc helps to strengthen hair roots by binding proteins that protect the structural integrity of each hair strand. Anyone can benefit from appropriate zinc intake for stronger hair roots. Great nutritional sources of zinc are oysters, beef, lamb, pork and chicken for non-vegetarians and nuts, squash seeds, spinach, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and mushrooms for those that prefer a vegetarian diet. Include these foods or consider zinc supplementation as one of the natural ways to strengthen hair roots.

Add More Proteins to Your Diet

Both animal and plant proteins can contribute to stronger hair roots. Proteins are instrumental in supplementing cellular integrity in every part of the body including scalp and hair. Adequate protein intake means stronger hair from the roots to the tips; it is one of the natural ways to strengthen hair roots. Those on a non-vegetarian diet can increase their protein intake by adding more meats, eggs and fish to their diet while vegetarian can rely on lentils, beans, soy and tofu for protein supplementation.

Simply Relax

Stress has a number of adverse affects on the human body including poor skin and hair. Excess stress can lead to weaker hair roots and excess hair fall. Stress reliving endeavors, Yoga and breathing exercises seem to work best for relieving stress. You can incorporate these in your healthy lifestyle as natural ways to strengthen hair roots.

Tips To Strengthen Hair Roots Naturally

While some of the best natural ways to strengthen hair roots are as mentioned above; here are simple tips to strengthen hair follicles and induce healthy and lustrous hair growth.

Some of these additional measures and hair damage prevention tips are as listed below.

  • Lower the temperature on hair styling gadgets like blow dryers and hair straightening irons
  • Treat dandruff to prevent weakening of hair roots and hair fall
  • Quit cigarettes
  • Indulge in Aloe Vera and coconut oil scalp massages
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Increase your nutritional copper intake
  • Ensure adequate intake of vitamins A, B, C, and E for stronger hair roots and better hair

Along with these measures; you must also look into prescription drugs or lifestyle habits like poor diet and lack of sleep that could weaken hair roots. Overall; a positive, holistic lifestyle and a healthy diet forms one of the natural ways to strengthen hair roots.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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