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Pain Relieving Spices and Herbs For Headache

Many a times we all suffer from headaches which actually make us feel helpless. Headaches can actually interfere with our daily activities. So, it is important for us to take immediate steps for getting enough pain relief from the headaches. There are a lot of spices and herbs which can be used for treating headaches. If you are one of those who is willing to know about the natural remedies then do read the following array of the article which talks about some of the pain-relieving spices and herbs for headache.

Pain Relieving Spices for Headache

Pain Relieving Spices for Headache:

Below are some of the pain-relieving spices for headaches which you can use if you suffer from headaches.


Ginger is one spice which has been used since ages as a natural home remedy for several health conditions. This spice is known to subdue nausea, combat headaches, and also help in reducing chronic migraines. Moreover, ginger even works as an anti-inflammatory as well as muscle relaxant.

For using this as a remedy for headache, you need to add them to your evening snacks, and also prepare ginger tea and juices. You can even take the supplements of ginger roots to get extra benefit.

Cayenne Pepper:

One more spice that can be used for headache is the Cayenne pepper. In fact this is considered to be a top choice for treating migraine headaches. This spice can divert the pain away from your head, thus, making it easier to cope with the condition.

For using this pain relieving spice for headache, simple add a pinch of it to your meal, or else try one teaspoon of cayenne pepper mixed with hot water and lemon. This spice even helps in proper digestion and also helps in stimulating the blood circulation.


Allspice is also another pain-relieving spice for headache which is an analgesic; or it helps in numbing the effect on the nerves and also offers relief from pains, such as pain of headaches and also sinus problems. Moreover, allspice is also a relaxant, and it has got a calming or soothing effect on your mind and body. You can use this spice to your diet to get the benefit.

Pain Relieving Herbs for Headache:

Below are some of the pain-relieving herbs for headache:


One of the best remedy for treating stress, and anxiety is chamomile. This herb has got an anti-inflammatory effect on our body that makes it beneficial for treating specific types of headaches. One of the best things about chamomile is that it is safe for children too.


Butterbur is another pain relieving herb for headache. This herb is found in marshy and wet areas of Asia, Europe, and North America. This is used for headaches, and also for some other health concerns, such as allergies, asthma, cough, fever, and general pain in the body.

Most of the herbal remedies of butterbur use its purified root extract, known as Petasites, in the form of pills for treating headaches as well as for migraine attacks. one study during 2012 which was published in Neurology, supports the conclusions that have be taken from older studies about the fact that Petasites are known to be quite effective in preventing migraine when they are taken as 50 mg to 70 mg of doses twice in a day.(1)


Borage is an herb which is known for its excellent soothing properties and it aids the body cope with nervous tension and stress. If you are suffering from tension headache then borage can work perfectly on your problem.


There is one more herb which works as an excellent sedative and that is known by the name Catnip. This herb helps in relaxing your body and also relieves stress. Moreover, the herb is also safe for children. This helps as a pain reliever for headaches and it might even help you in reducing migraines.


Feverfew is a herb used as a popular remedy for headaches and migraines. The herb has got a calming effect which helps in reducing stress. However; it is most known for reducing the migraine attacks. if you usually get severe headaches or migraines, then using feverfew can be a fair preventive.

You can take this herb daily; either use it in salad, or eat the raw leaves, or in a piece of bread, or in the form of tea and in tincture form. It would be beneficial for you

Lemon Balm:

Lemon balm is another herb used for anxiety-type and tension headaches. This enhances a relaxing and calming feeling and it is also a mild sedative too.

Lemon Verbena:

lemon verbena has a calming effect and is a wonderful remedy for relaxing and helping you in anxiety. Moreover, the presence of vitamin C in lemon verbena makes it a beneficial herb for severe or bad headaches.


The scent of Lavender promotes relaxation in mind. It increases calmness of the mind and eases anxiety; and this it work as a great remedy for treating stress-related headaches. You can massage the lavender essential oil on your forehead if you suffer from headaches and this can help you ease up.

According to a study, it is suggested that inhaling lavender oil while having a migraine might help relieve the symptoms pretty quickly.(2)


Sage is a common culinary herb which is an excellent remedy for certain types of headaches, especially for cluster-type of headaches, where one needs to keep your blood circulating. Sage is also good for headaches that occur due to over eating or due to heavy meals. Moreover, the herb also works great for hormonally caused headaches, especially during menopause. When taken in large doses, sage also works wonderfully for nerve-related and tension headaches.


Rosemary is yet another pain-relieving herb which is a stimulant to the nerves as well as it improves blood circulation. That is why it is a good source for reducing some types of headaches, such as cluster headaches. You can take a rosemary tea to get enough relief from various types of headaches.


Peppermint increases relaxation and also helps in lowering the pain. It can be found easily at grocery stores. This herb can be used in various ways. You can either take it as a tea before bed or can use few drops of the peppermint oil to your water while bathing. If you have severe migraine headaches, you can simply dab 2-3 drops of the oil onto the temple to get wonderful pain relief. Apart from this, peppermint is also used for treating several other conditions, such as reducing bloating and treating allergy.


Skullcap is a relaxing nervine and it is also known for its wonderful antispasmodic properties. The herb works as a great remedy for stress/anxiety/tension headaches and is also a mild sedative.


This is an herb with restorative effect on our nervous system. Vervain is an excellent remedy for tension and stress headaches. It has also got pain-relieving properties.

White Willow Bark:

This herb can also be used for treating pain. However, being an analgesic, white willow bark masks the pain rather than actually addressing the underlying cause of the headache. So, it would mostly work for relieving pain in headaches if you take them in high doses. However, it can work well if taken along with another herb that would help in treating the underlying cause of headache.


Valerian is one more herb which is a strong sedative and is also a great pain-reliever. It helps in healing the nervous system and also works as a wonderful remedy for anxiety and stress.


Passionflower is another herb which is a great sedative and it helps people suffering from anxiety or nervousness. Passionflower is the herb that has a calming effect and it also works as a mild pain reliever for headaches.

Black Cohosh:

Black Cohosh herb is native to North America and it has got a history of being used for conditions like headaches which are associated with “black cloud depression”. It is also known to treat rheumatism. It must be noted that black cohosh is good for women because of its estrogen effect; however, men should take it for short time.


Coriander seeds have been used for its healing properties since 7000 years. It has its ability to treat the ailments like allergies, diabetes, headaches, and migraines. Ayurveda uses coriander to relieve sinus pressure and headaches. For this you need to pour hot water on fresh coriander seeds and inhale the steam.


So, here we have a list of some pain relieving spices and herbs for headaches. If you have a bad headache, then do use any of these remedies to experience the benefits. You can either prepare a tea or make tinctures with one or more herbs to get the relief when you have headache.

However, it is also important for you to note that there are some of the safety concerns which must be kept in mind while taking any of the herbal remedies for headaches. If you have any prior or existing medical conditions while having headache, then it is very much important for you to consult with your doctor before using any of these pain relieving spices or herbs for headache.


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