Can a Woman get Trichomoniasis on Her Own?

Can a Woman get Trichomoniasis on Her Own?

It may not always be so, that, in order to get Trichomoniasis a women has to have more than one sexual partners, or have unprotected sex. A woman may get Trichomoniasis even by sharing towel or sex toy with a person who has the same disease. Thus, it is advisable to be cautious and use one’s own personal items so that the genitals can be free from any form of bacteria.

Can a Woman get Trichomoniasis on Her Own?

What are the Usual Symptoms of Trichomoniasis in Women?

It is seen that Trichomoniasis can thrive without any form of symptoms. Such cases become difficult to be diagnosed. However, the most common symptoms for Trichomoniasis in women are-

  • Foul smelling and unusual discharge from the vaginal.
  • Such a form of discharge is usually frothy and greenish yellow in colour.
  • This can be accompanied with blood from the vagina which cannot be described as the menstrual blood.
  • Swelling of the genitals and the allied areas.
  • The woman may find the act of sex to be painful.
  • Persistent irritation and itching may thrive in the vagina.
  • The woman may have an unusual urge to pee frequently.

What are the Dangers that Trichomoniasis Can Carry along in Women?

It is important to treat Trichomoniasis once diagnosed, especially for women, because they may become susceptible to various diseases-

  • If a woman does not get treated of Trichomoniasis, there can be other issues which the woman has to suffer. This includes painful urination and inability to have coitus.
  • For instance the chances of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases increase if a woman already suffers from Trichomoniasis without getting treated for the same.
  • If a woman having Trichomoniasis is pregnant, it can affect the health of the baby, if left untreated.
  • Untreated Trichomoniasis can pass from the pregnant mother to the baby during delivery. This way there can be various risks like early delivery, low birth weight of the baby and other developmental issues.

What are the Precautions Which One May Take In Order To Avoid Having Trichomoniasis?

The general precautions which one may take in order to reduce the risk of having Trichomoniasis include-

  • It is important have sex with protection in order to prevent spreading of the disease. It is advisable to use latex condom to have protected sex. Care should be taken so that it is used in the right way.
  • Women should be careful about the cleanliness of their private parts and completely avoid douching. The process of douching removes some of the good and important bacteria which helps fight any kind of infection and STDs.
  • It is extremely important to have a single sexual partner, as multiple partners increases the risk of transmission of infection easily. One may not know which of the partners may be a carrier of the infection.
  • It is important to talk about the sexually transmitted diseases with the partner and gain as much knowledge as possible. One may also go for routine checkup in order to ensure that one is free from such infections. Both of the partners have the right to know about each other’s sexual history so that he or she may be sure of the risk factors.
  • It is advisable to not use other people’s towel or sex toys as these may also transfer the infection to a person.

Trichomoniasis is a completely curable disease and thus one may not defer its treatment once diagnosed. Usually antibiotics are given to treat it. Pregnant women should be extra careful as such an infection may harm the development of the baby and may also pass on if left untreated.

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