How Long Does It Take For Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis to Clear Up After Treatment?

Trichomoniasis or its abbreviated form Trich refers to a sexually transmitted infection or a disease caused from a parasite of the same name. The infection may affect both men and women, while spreads from sexual contact. Vagina is a common infection site in case of women, while urethra is a common site to cause infection in men.

A large number of individuals suffering from this type of infection do not have any symptom. However, when symptoms take place, they are frothy and greenish urethral or vaginal discharge, burning sensation during urination, feelings of discomfort while doing sex and itching in genital areas.

How to Identify the Problem of Trichomoniasis

How to Identify the Problem of Trichomoniasis

Symobols associated with Trichomoniasis infection are almost similar to those found in other types of sexually transmitted diseases. However, doctors may not diagnose it merely based on symptoms. Instead, you have to undergo for a physical examination and lab test in case if you have doubt about such infections. Urologists and/or gynecologists may recommend for the following different tests to diagnose Trichomoniasis.

  • Cell cultures in your body
  • Test to check and identify any Trichomonas DNA
  • Antigen tests, as antibodies found in human blood bind in case the parasite of Trichomonas remains present and it results in a color change to indicate the infection.
  • Examination of vaginal fluid samples in case of women or urethral discharge for men under a pathology microscope.

Treatment of Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is curable with the help of antibiotics. Doctors recommend for tinidazole i.e. Tindamax or metronidazole i.e. Flagyl to cure the Trichomoniasis infection. However, patients have to take some precautions while they are on medications. These are never drink any alcohol at least for the initial 24 hours you intake the metronidazole or initial 72 hours in case you intake tinidazole. You should keep in mind that alcohol intake causes severe forms of vomiting and nausea. Secondly, you should make sure that your sexual partner/partners undergo proper tests and take medicines too. You should always remember that without any symptom never indicates that they do not suffer from an infection.

How Long Does It Take For Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis to Clear Up After Treatment?

According to the experts associated with analysis and treatment of Trichomoniasis infections, clearing of Trichomoniasis infections and other sexually transmitted diseases in humans require about 1 week period.

Because of this, they recommend both men and women should make sure of avoiding sexual intercourse during their treatment and wait for the time of 1 week, until and unless their symptoms go out properly. They have mentioned the same thing about their sexual partners. In simple words, we can say that Trichomoniasis infection clears in a period of 1week and hence, it is always best to avoid any sexual intercourse for the same period after the treatment with single dosage of metronidazole.

Even though in some cases, you (often in case of males) may not experience any symptom after your treatment, you should strictly take the treatment and later on, the aforementioned precaution. Other than this, individuals infected with HIV positive or AIDS should undergo antibiotics treatment with metronidazole or tinidazole and follow the mentioned precaution, as the treatment is same in case of both HIV positive and HIV negative people.


In conclusion, it will take a week to get rid of the symptoms after the treatment however, the infected person and their sexual partners undergo with proper treatment via prescribed antibiotics and strictly avoid alcohol intake, as mentioned by the doctor. Besides this, patients and partners should follow the necessary precaution of avoiding sexual intercourse for 1 week period.

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