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Can You Catch Norovirus Infection Twice & Can You Get Norovirus From Kissing?

Norovirus infection may lead to the sudden onset of diarrhea and vomiting in their severe forms. The virus is also contagious and spreads commonly from water or food, which comes from contaminated surfaces or becomes contaminated at the time of preparation. Also, a person may suffer norovirus infection because of close contact with any other infected individual.

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting mainly start within 12 hours to 48 hours after you are exposed to norovirus. Symptoms related to norovirus last from a minimum one day to three days, while many people successfully recover from it without needing treatment.

However, in some people, especially old ones and infants as well as underlying patients, diarrhea and vomiting may cause severe dehydration and hence, they need immediate medical attention. Norovirus infection takes place frequently in crowded and closed environments, like nursing homes, hospitals, schools, child care centers, and ships or cruises.(1)

Can You Catch Norovirus Infection Twice?

Can You Catch Norovirus Infection Twice?

Most of the patients suffering from norovirus viral infection and their family members ask a common question that whether they can suffer from this infection twice or not. For this, doctors said that on average a patient may suffer from norovirus viral infection for a maximum of 5 times in the lifetime. Especially, the problem becomes common during the months of cold weather.

However, in a few individuals, the problem takes place for the year-round. Moreover, doctors sometimes refer to it as stomach flu, norovirus does not have any relationship with influenza. Thus, you may not stay protected by a simple flu shot.

Another prime reason behind the relapse or repetition of norovirus infection is that doctors cannot treat it with the help of antibiotic medicines. Hence, one and the only way to avoid its relapse is to have fluids in enough amount, take plenty of rest and strictly avoid contact with other people or anything, which prone to spread the virus or illness.(2)

Can You Get Norovirus From Kissing?

Other than having contaminated water or food, one can easily become the patient of norovirus infection from kissing. As norovirus is a type of microorganism, it enters the body through mouth, breath and many other ways.

Whenever a person kisses of anyone or anything else and if his/her tongue touches the respective virus, it becomes attached to it and goes within the body. On the other side, if you kiss only by the lip i.e. without touching the tongue, the virus may not catch you, or you may not spray the virus.

Moreover, in general, cases, if you remain around an affected individual, you will remain unaffected. However, it is your responsibility to stay safe from the other person’s cough or sneeze, as the virus may spread easily by cough or sneeze.(4)

Spreading Of Norovirus From Contaminated Food And Water

Norovirus may easily contaminate water and food, as it needs only a small amount of viruses to force you to fall sick. The virus may contaminate food items in various ways, which are-

  • Whenever an infected person touches any of the food items with bare hands, which have vomit particles or poop on them.
  • When the food remains placed on a surface or counter, which has contaminated or infection particles on it.
  • Spraying of various tiny vomiting drops or particles from an infected individual through the land or air on any of the food items.
  • Growth or harvesting of food items by using contaminated water, like for instance harvesting of oysters from contaminated water or irrigation of fruits and veggies with contaminated water present in the field.

Along with this, drinking water or recreational water may become contaminated because of norovirus and force you to fall sick from-

    • Various Sources, where is a leakage in the septic tank and that goes into a nearby well.
    • Whenever an infected individual poop or vomits in a drinking water source.
    • When the water does not undergo proper treatment with chlorine.(3)


To conclude, we should say that norovirus infection may affect an individual for a maximum of 5 times and it spreads in every way, including the situation when a person kisses other individuals.


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