How Dangerous Is Norovirus Infection & Is It Contagious?

Norovirus infection is a contagious virus, which causes diarrhea and vomiting. Even though people belonging to every age group may suffer from norovirus infection and fall sick, the problem affects adversely in children and infants.(1)

How Dangerous Is Norovirus Infection?

Whether the Norovirus infection is dangerous or not depends on underlying symptoms.

Symptoms Of Norovirus Infection

Symptoms Of Norovirus Infection

Common Symptoms Of The Infection

An individual suffering from norovirus infection experiences the following common symptoms-

Other Symptoms Of The Infection

Besides this, an affected individual has other symptoms, which include headache, fever and body aches combined with dehydration.

Symptoms Of Dehydration

Especially, if you or your infant/child suffer from dehydration because of norovirus infection, he or she may have dry throat and mouth, reduce the urination, feeling of dizziness while standing up. Also, dehydrated children/infants may cry with no or only a few drops of tears and often stay fussy or sleepy abnormally.

Other Important Aspects Of Norovirus Infection’s Symptoms

Norovirus causes severe inflammation of one’s intestines and stomach, which is known as acute gastroenteritis. Accordingly, an individual develops gastroenteritis symptoms within 12 hours to 48 hours after exposed to the problem of norovirus. Many people suffer from this disease feels better within only 1 day to 3 days period. However, if you experience illness due to norovirus, you may feel extremely ill and have diarrhea or vomiting multiple times in a single day. This results in other complications, including the problem of dehydration.(3)

Detailed Analysis Of The Norovirus Infected Patients

According to doctors, symptoms in the case of norovirus starts about 24 hours to 30 hours of its exposure. However, the exact numbers of hours and the extent vary among individuals. A few people may experience excessive vomiting, abdominal pain and suffer from diarrhea. In some cases, people experiencing diarrhea and vomiting often wipe and fell on the bathroom floor.

A few of the people even though they suffer infection from norovirus do not get any symptoms mainly because they develop immunity because of their exposures in the past. However, if a person suffers from dehydration in its severe form, he or she may die because of noroviruses. Particularly, the infection is deadly among elderlies and infants.

Is Norovirus Infection Contagious?

Another frequently asked question among norovirus patients and other family members is whether the respective virus is contagious or not. For this, doctors said that the virus is extremely contagious. Thus, if you avoid its transmission further, you should make sure to avoid contact with other people.

Simultaneously, if you have any member in the family or hostel affected with norovirus infection, you should maintain hygiene and cleanliness strictly. These include washing hands by using water and soap, clean the affected surface by using suitable bleach-based disinfection, washing and drying off the contaminated/infected clothes and linens at the highest possible temperature. Also, the infected person should stay away from food items and water to prevent contamination.(4)

Common Causes Of Norovirus Infection

Norovirus infections may take place in people because of the transmission of contaminated water or food, along with the physical touch. Common transmission methods, in this case, include the following-

  • Consumption of contaminated water and food items
  • Touching your hand to your mouth after you touch an infected individual or any contaminated object or surface
  • Close contact with an individual suffering from norovirus infection

In most cases, wiping out the norovirus infection is difficult, as it may withstand cold and hot temperatures and a majority of disinfectants available in the market.(2)


Norovirus infection is categorized under a dangerous infection, as it sometimes causes the death of an individual. Otherwise, it forces a person to suffer from a severe form of abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Also, the infection is contagious; thus, it is our responsibility to take steps to prevent the spread of norovirus to other individuals.


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