Can You Have Trichomonas For Years?

Trichomona is a parasite that is responsible for trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis is an infection that transmits sexually. The infection affects the genital region and causes irritation and itchiness. Additionally, the chance of the parasite of the infection to occur in a woman is high when compared with that of a man. Fortunately, curing trichomoniasis is possible with the help of an antibiotic called metronidazole.

It is not possible for any individual to identify the presence of the infection in the early stage because of the absence of the symptoms. Many people carry with their healthy lifestyle unaware of the fact that they are carrying trichomona parasite.

Can You Have Trichomonas For Years?

Can You Have Trichomonas For Years?

Is it possible for trichomonas to survive for years? Trichomona, the parasite, latches onto the surface of the skin and feeds. It thus expands its territory, which affects the cells. It is here that an individual notices the presence of symptoms, which are itchiness, irritation, pain during intercourse, and discharges a clear, yellow, or grey fluid with a foul smell.

As it is possible to cure trichomoniasis with the help of an antibiotic, identifying it in the first place is necessary. However, as it is not possible to detect it solely based on the symptoms, many people continue to live with the parasite. Until a person receives the treatment, the parasite survives for years.


Treating trichomoniasis is possible by killing the parasite with the help of the antibiotic. The doctor can prescribe the use of the antibiotic as a single pill dose for seven days or give a single 2000 mg pill. After completion of the treatment, visiting the doctor is preferable to reassess the condition.


As it is not possible to detect trichomoniasis based on the symptoms, taking the test of STI is helpful. A doctor or nurse will collect the sample of the cells from the genital region using a cotton swab. They observe the swab under the microscope to check for the presence of the parasite. Alternatively, they collect the sample of the fluid discharged from the vagina. Both the tests provide accurate results, which helps the doctor to offer the needed treatment.

Observation of symptoms

A person can observe the signs after 28 days from the date of exposure to the parasite. Until then, the parasite is in the process of expanding its territory. Furthermore, taking a test for trichomoniasis between 5 and 28 days could result in a false report. A better way to receive accurate results is to approach the doctor after 28 days.

Preventing Trichomoniasis

As trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease, it is preferable to use precautions while participating in sexual activity. Using a condom is helpful in preventing the transmission of the parasite from a partner. Additionally, the condom is useful in avoiding additional STI’s and STDs. A point to remember here is that people affected with trichomoniasis have the tendency to acquire HIV and AIDS with ease when compared with that of others. Also, preventing trichomoniasis is possible by avoiding the use of contaminated sex toys, sharing common towels, and using an infected hand on gentle regions.

The victim can also prevent the spread of the disease by not participating in intercourse or other sexual activities during the treatment. If an individual turns positive, they can assist their partner or partners to the test to identify the presence of the parasite. If the results turn positive, they can head with the treatment to kill the parasite and prevent further transmission.


As identifying it with the help of symptoms is impossible, taking STI and STD tests will be helpful in noticing the presence of trichomoniasis in its early stage.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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