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What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis refers to a sexually transmitted infection, abbreviated as STI and it takes place by the parasite of same name. This parasite spreads often via oral, vaginal and anal sex. It is a common type of SIT in most of the regions of the United States and affects women in more numbers than men. Positively, you may treat the problem easily by the help of antibiotics. However, the problem is that none of the women or men experiences any symptom early. Thus, if you left it in untreated condition, trichomoniasis raises the risk related to HIV. According to the latest medical report, trich problem has affected about 2 million of women from 14 years to 49 years age in United States.

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Trichomoniasis?

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis will result in a severe problem if you do not know about the ways to resolve its infection. Moreover, once you identify the problem and diagnose detects the infection, you have to undergo with the treatment in no time. This is because; trich may sometimes result in dangerous effect in the near future. In this article, you will come to know a few long-term adverse effects of trichomoniasis if you left it in an untreated condition.

Vulva and Vaginal/Urethral Discomfort

Whenever trap with the problem of trich, infection affects both vulva and vagina i.e. in both internal and external genital organs of a female. Trichomoniasis often results in vaginal or vulva irritation or vaginitis. For instance, women experience itching vulva and vagina, which may even affect their thighs. Vaginal discharge may take place, which doctors describe as a thin discharge of yellow-green color. In addition, vaginal discharge may be of frothy or foamy. Women with the problem usually notice strong or foul vaginal odor. Discomfort in their genital areas takes place when patients experience intercourse.

Similar to women, men may sometimes experience adverse effects of trichomoniasis. For instance, men develop the problem of prostatitis, which refer to swelling of epididymitis or prostate gland. Epididymitis is responsible to connect with testicle towards the vas deferens. This problem causes men to urethra discharge or itching. Even a few men experience burning sensation after urination or ejaculation.

Adverse Effects of Trich on Pregnancy

According to the latest report highlighted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if any woman conceives with trichomoniasis infection, the respective sexually transmitted problem affects the baby’s birth. For instance, infected mother may have pre-mature delivery of the baby, while the newborn may have a relatively low weight after its birth i.e. below 5.5 lbs.

Variations in Cervical Tissue

If any woman suffers from trichomoniasis infection for a longtime or does not receive treatment within time, infection may result in variations in her cervix tissue. In this situation, when the respective woman has annual Pap smear, it will display abnormal cells. If the trich problem causes variations in cervical tissue, woman has to undergo treatment for the removal of abnormal cells i.e. requires undergoing with cryosurgery to freeze off the abnormal cell/tissue.

Susceptibility Towards Related Sexually Transmitted Problems

Whenever the problem of trichomoniasis causes vulva or vaginal inflammation, women become susceptible towards HIV i.e. Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, i.e. a dreadful disease, as revealed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Until individuals treat the problem, the HIV infection spreads to other individuals. According to experts, trichomoniasis spreads through vaginal or penile contact and vulva-to-vulva contact, while never spreads via anal or oral intercourse. However, another doctor’s group said that the problem spreads via any infected person sharing his/her sexy toy with another individual.


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